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Review Your PPC Campaigns

“If you don’t review your PPC campaigns individually you are not improving the underperforming models.”

If we run longer and better funded campaigns on the top models, dealer name + geo, OEM + geo, etc you will find every customer around you (customers that know you) that already intend to buy...Read More »

New Vehicle Mobile Menus

We have added new vehicle mobile menus that now list models the same way as on desktop, making it easier for customers to navigate to the vehicle they are looking for (see screenshots below).

With the initial mega menus release we looked for a design that was compact as well as...Read More »

“Unlock” Price Generates 42% More Leads

“Unlock” price generates 42% more leads:

I’m not a friend of gimmicks, and we have seen similar “forced click” strategies work only on smaller programs like for example two stage credit apps for secondary financing websites. The “unlock” idea came after the EOM imposed requirements of having engaged the customer...Read More »

VDP Versus SRP Lead Counts

VDP versus SRP lead counts: Dealer eProcess now measures form leads that came from the SRP (search results page) versus the VDP (vehicle details page).

I think that for the last 10 years (or as long as I can remember) we have focused mainly on VDPs design thinking that is where...Read More »

Bing Partner Summit 2017

Bing Partner Summit 2017: with Joe Gillespie.

Yago de Artaza Paramo

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Google Adds Video Previews to the SERP on Mobile Devices

Google adds video previews to the SERP on mobile devices.

There are a few “rules” too many, if you ask me, that limits the reach of the change. The feature is browser controlled, so it can be disabled, meaning that so far this will work only in Chrome. A plus...Read More »

DealerEProcess Chicago 2018

DealerEProcess Chicago 2018:

Working with the smartest, most committed, people in the industry.

Yago de Artaza Paramo

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Dealer eProcess Chosen as Mazda Website Certified Provider

DealerEProcess chosen as Mazda website certified provider in the USA:

We are now Mazda website and digital marketing certified. So many thanks to a great team of people that worked hard to make this a reality.

Email us for a demo: jake.swick@depwest.com

Yago de Artaza Paramo

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The Secret This Spartan Racer Knows That Your Business Doesn't

The Secret This Spartan Racer Knows That Your Business Doesn’t

Thanks Glenn, but you are wrong: I’m naturally gifted and do all these without training, planning, recovery, post-race assessment, and of course, not much effort needed. Just like everything hard to achieve in life, I made it to the...Read More »


Were you at #AAAS2017?

Thank you Brian for a great conference.

A few things that I’m learning about this conference:

Only top dealers are here, and by top I mean in knowledge. Perhaps there is not a lot of actionable data on changes to promote sales tomorrow, but there is a...Read More »

Measuring Automotive Attribution

Measuring automotive attribution: how do you assign attribution to this?

Yago de Artaza Paramo

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Toyota PPC Budget Increase Yields Results

Toyota PPC budget increase yields results: when dealers ask about Google spend they don’t understand that there is a direct correlation between spend, traffic, and leads.

These numbers are from a Toyota dealer. It went from $5000/month, to $8000/month, to this at $17,000/month in a quick 3 month growth.

Notice that traffic...Read More »

DealerEProcess Chicago 2018

DealerEProcess Chicago 2018:

When you grow, space becomes a premium! Excited for 2018 @DealerEProcess with Joe Gillespie, Jenna Anderson, and Eileen Murphy.


Yago de Artaza Paramo

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Craigslist Charged 10x

Craigslist charged my card 10x.

Thank you, Craigslist, 1,575 ads at $5 is supposed to be $7,875 and now I have a $78,750 charge on my card. Thank goodness our dealers pay us a lot of money for the posting software so we don’t mind dealing with these issues!

Yago de Artaza ParamoRead More »

Google Is Blocking YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show and Fire TV

Google is blocking YouTube on Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV: Lack of commercial reciprocity makes digital networks act like wired networks and restrict access.

You have (or strongly should!) already consider two different networks for your digital advertising: Google and Facebook. I’m risking to say with almost equal budgets....Read More »

Cox Automotive Files Lawsuit Against CDK Global

Cox Automotive Files Lawsuit Against CDK Global:

Taxing information (goods) flow never works. It didn’t work with tea and it will not work with dealer’s data.

Yago de Artaza Paramo

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17 Years at PGI

Celebrating 17 years at PGI this week.

Want to know how far back that is? Check out this memory from the past.

Thank you to everyone that reached out to congratulate.

Yago de Artaza Paramo

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2018 TOP Rated Automotive SEM Vendor at Driving Sales

2018 TOP Rated Automotive SEM Vendor at Driving Sales

Great news! @drivingsales announced the 2018 Dealer Satisfaction Awards winners today. DealerEProcess will be awarded SEM DrivingSales Awards at the upcoming 2018 NADA Convention.

I personally want to thank all of our clients, & the automotive community for the recognition and prestigious...Read More »

Dealer eProcess at NADA 2018

Dealer eProcess at NADA 2018

Come see Geoff, Steven, Jake, Samantha, or me at 2018 NADA in Las Vegas booth 4092C. Find out how!


Yago de Artaza Paramo

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Mobile Swipe Functionality

New feature (long overdue 😳): Mobile swipe functionality.

We have added new functionality to both the SRP and VDP pages on your website! Now when using a mobile device, users have the ability to ‘swipe’ through vehicle images in addition to the original functionality of clicking the arrows to scroll...Read More »

Kill the Fixed-Ops Mailer

Kill the fixed-ops mailer. If your goal is to increase business to your fixed-ops services, I strongly suggest digital campaigns.

Even if you are slow in the department only a couple days a week (Tuesdays? Wednesdays?), tune your digital campaigns for fixed-ops to run for a shorter week and move to...Read More »

Support Contact & Site Search

“72% of customer search your site for answers before they contact support.”

I believe that, unfortunately, customers don’t see automotive dealers as “support providers” for the most part and that we don’t get as many questions as we should.

Answers on your website promote interaction, increase trust, it brings overall business transparency....Read More »

Target & Rank for Two Keywords on a Single Page

Google’s Aaseesh Marina: ‘You Can Target & Rank for Two Keywords on a Single Page.’

The topic of optimizing for one keyword phrase over multiple is nothing new and it has serious implications on how many pages (content) you have to dissect and build for your site.

The question asked in...Read More »

Facebook and Google Automatic Form Filling

We just added Facebook and Google automatic form filling to the websites, which works for anyone logged into their Gmail or Facebook accounts.

This is not a new technology, as you can see in the first image (Athlinks is a running race management app that I use), as it has been...Read More »

Who Do You Hire for Social?

“That’s crazy some of my posts get up to more than 40k views a day just wondering how that happens if you only have 6k friends?”

Meanwhile I get a miserable few hundred views on my posts after reading and thinking about a topic for hours.

It’s ok, I’m not salty, I...Read More »

Local Mobile Searches

Yelp indexes very well specially on mobile searches. However, many mobile users are using social media apps that can bring recommendations based on geo locations, such as services like Facebook Local. Will this new offering for local mobile searches (in a sense a network consolidation) affect relying on location indexing dependent services...Read More »

Google AMP Project Changes

How many times in 2017 did Google push to use the YouTube director app? Be careful falling too far for Google’s AMP project.

In terms of changes, direct traffic, business name searches, geo + product location, etc. will not be affected. Only a small fraction of long tail searches may be...Read More »

Automotive DMS Security

Automotive DMS security:
Meanwhile in the automotive industry everyone is suing everyone for charging DMS access fees (security fees). We could just be friends,...Read More »

Google AdWords Review Changes

With the start of the new year, Google released a bit of unexpected news:

“As of January 15th, 2018, Google will no longer be supporting AdWords Review Extensions”
Google discontinues review...Read More »

Automotive Responsive Platform Upgrades

If you had any doubts about moving your website to a truly responsive platform (not half-way made up technologies) check out this article: 

Will this affect the future of attribution?

Will this affect the future of attribution?
Attribution tools rely on more than straight customer input; there is an entire ecosystem of IP tracking systems, algorithms, etc put to work to anonymously identify the customer or at least to classify the customer so we can properly assign a targeted campaign. But...Read More »

Automotive Delivery Procedures

The automotive industry is desperately looking to bring transactions away from physical location to online. There will be mandatory OEM programs starting 2018 and you will have to adapt your F&I and delivery procedures.

The effort is leaning on the software that handles the transaction but we are not working on...Read More »

Cars on Amazon

Limited edition VW for sale on Amazon Italy during Thanksgiving weekend.

If the fact that the automotive industry is rapidly slowing down, that 2018 projections are low, and that the main 3rd party sites talk is attribution (wait for the attribution assignment battle to start), are not enough reasons to think...Read More »

Who Sold it

Leaving #aaas2017 with a great present, a signed copy of Brian Pasch’s new book “Who sold it”.

I can’t recommend it yet because I haven’t read it but I’m not finding many other Automotive attribution guides in the market.

As you can see in my Goodreads profile I’ve read so far 40...Read More »

The assault on the Automotive’s industry ability to balance the outcome of an already abrasive system continues to deepen

TO: Prime Response Dealers

FROM: Prime Response Product Team

DATE: November 8th, 2017


To our valued dealerships,

Today we received a notification from Yelp stating that reputation management systems are, “putting our clients’ online reputation at risk by soliciting reviews on their behalf”. Yelp views this solicitation for reviews as an “illicit tactic”...Read More »

Facebook extends messenger capabilities to business websites

In short, there is a way to replace your current chat/text system and implement messenger (FBM).

Not everyone has Facebook and not everyone that has Facebook has or uses messenger (it is a separate download for mobile devices) but the advantages of using FBM could be enormous.

For one you will have...Read More »

Craigslist and Google's Re-Captcha

Craigslist has installed a captcha security step upon log in their system. This means that postings via their API will continue as normal but any other updates will not be possible to automate such as deleting or updating vehicles as this is not permitted via the CL Bulk Posting Interface.

Your...Read More »

Google Mobile Speed Hackathon FINALIST

Dealer eProcess – Google Mobile Speed Hackathon FINALIST! Congratulations to our Development Team

...Read More »

Seattle Google Mixer

Small gathering with Google to discuss what’s new in Automotive #seo #sem with Satish Pandiyan. Wan’t to know what we learned? Reach out to Sammi at samantha.santimaw@depwest.com


...Read More »

Hyper-Zoom by Dealer eProcess

Just launched our hyper-zoom tool at www.northwesthonda.com The tool relies on having large images (2Megs or more) loaded in the background so they offer deep detail when zoomed. In the top example customers are able to see damage in the vehicle...Read More »

KIA Dealer campaign

What do you think about this KIA dealer campaign? To be fair, my location was Everett, which still 40 miles from the dealer. If you don’t understand your SEM reports and all you ask is for numbers this can happen to you. We sometimes do targeted campaigns with unique offers...Read More »

Digital Dealer 23 - Jewel Night Club after party

This stuff comes natural to me but I’m happy I saved @gillespiechicago life last night. I need you alive at least 2 more weeks to run the Spartan Beast at Lake Tahoe #roadtolaketahoe #dd23 #epicparties


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Put on the watch list:

In a recent article ReadWrite contributor David Curry warns us that “BMW has added 40,000 drivers to ReachNow, the company’s car-sharing service currently available in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and Brooklyn.”

This program is a must watch for auto dealers.

...Read More »

Google rolling out "Chat With Your Customers"

Google continues to add new features and this week they announced they are rolling out the “chat with your customers”, a texting feature on Google My Business. Once activated, customers can message you right from the knowledge graph.

There is a one time set up for this process. Sign into...Read More »

DMS Access Taxation

Just starting 2017 and we already hear rumors of new DMS access charges for vendors seeking dealership data to perform a service. A great quote from the 2017 JD Power Automotive Summit; “Information security should never be a guise for information taxation”. DMS systems are doing it right though… they...Read More »

Should auto dealers use upcoming app Letgo?

I had my first introduction to Letgo about a year ago thanks to Seattle’s special finance dealer Curt Bush and it came again in my radar in a recent article in Mashable.com “Marketplace app Letgo raises $175 million in quest to take on Craigslist” by Patrick Kulp. You can...Read More »

3rd party sites acting as brokers?

Some of you may have missed a recent article on Automotive News just as I did: “California dealers file complain over online broker” but thanks to reading Dealer Refresh as my daily routine and to Chris Leslie from bringing that to...Read More »

BZ Results Websites - remember them?

Remember those BZ Results websites (they were acquired by ADP in 2006)? If you don’t I’ll tell you: Those looked good. Mainly flash based, they appealed to the most dangerous word in the automotive industry: “I like that” (rather than “the data shows we should use this one instead”). Those...Read More »

New Inventory Search Features

We added two new search fields to every website inventory; search by package and search by features. The data is dependent on what the VIN decoder provides which nowadays is pretty accurate. Check it for example at www.larsondodge.com

The idea is three fold:

1) It was added as one of the...Read More »

Google Posts

Google just rolled out something new, called . It is basically like a little image/card with the ability to have a link on someone’s Google My Business Page. (See the example below, circled in green)

Cool Things:

·        It’s FREE! (to Google). You have to maintain/manage/create the graphics/offer/landing pages...Read More »

New Google my business based ads (mobile view).

New Google my business based ads (mobile view).

They give you the ability to add them with a date frame (week end offer for example) and link them to a specific URL (specific landing page).

This is, by far, your biggest website entry point which means this is a high  visibility place....Read More »

Craigslist URL Structure, SEO friendly?

Craigslist just changed their URL structure to include Make Model and trim in some cases. Small change but perhaps an attempt to have a better SEO structure?

You can now also send larger photos and the customer can expand. The small photo is at 640X480 (standard automotive feed) and the...Read More »

Ram PPC Campaign, nailed it!

This campaign resulted on a killer weekend for our Ram client. Don’t mind showing the client because this was done a month ago, we killed it, and we are already 5 plans ahead of this.

There were plenty of dealers doing PPC campaigns that week end but 2 of them had...Read More »

MOZ 2017: SEM SEO and Alexa

Samantha and Oksana are finishing up at MOZ and they are already sending science fiction advances to us.

“Something interesting that we learned at MOZ is that with voice and chat bots (Alexa and Google Home) you have to rank #1 to get answers, whether that’s through SEO or PPC! If...Read More »

Google+, overlooked opportunity?

This is an “old” article about Google + (January 2017) that was published in Mashable. Notice that the “landscape photo community” has over 1M followers? As we are always quick to dismiss opportunities someone here made something out of G+.

Maybe Hunter Swift should look into bringing some of those Instagram...Read More »

Machine learning at its best!

Machine learning at its best. Last month at Microsoft Bing’s partner summit we were able to see 3 chat windows with 3 speakers in different languages being translated in real time. The advantages of breaking down language barriers for group collaboration are enormous .

...Read More »

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction"

Something that sounds so negative is actually one of the best Social Media marketing advices for the auto industry.

The most expensive part of the SM campaign is the ad, the graphics, the campaigns can actually be done once and reused (settings wise) with minor modding from one to the next.

The...Read More »

Auto dealers be aware of Ransomware

Image Credit NBC News, KACPER PEMPEL / Reuters

Now that we are over the fact that US auto dealerships will pay a little bit more in 2017 for DMS (Dealer Management system) access due to security reasons you must make yourself familiar with

I was recently reading automotive articles on Flipboard https://flipboard.com (iPhone version) and clicked in an Amazon ad (the screenshot is of the actual ad), rather than continuing with a browser open request it offered to open the Amazon app. I clicked open and the App Store opened form...Read More »

Just a few weeks ago I put BMW's ReachNow program on my watch list.


On February 2nd I saw this one parked outside Amazon downtown Seattle and just around the corner from that one, a BMW SUV from the same program.

Things move fast nowadays .

Should BMW dealers expect higher service numbers and decrease sales from ride-share programs?

Yago de Artaza Páramo

...Read More »

Parking difficulty now on Google maps:

Google just announced https://blog.google/products/maps/know-you-go-parking-difficulty-google-maps/ that it will display parking difficulties on its next update.

The system will only be available at this time in 25 metro areas in the US. Look at the P(arking) icon in the maps screen shot.

It should be a dealer’s concern that if this expands into businesses the...Read More »

DealerEProcess is proud to receive the 2017 AWA Awards Top US Website provider.


@pcgdigital #nada #nada100 #dep #awa2017

...Read More »

DealerEProcess is proud to receive the 2017 Driving Sales Premier Website Award and SEO platform.


This achievement is only possible by the work of many and the feedback from our dealers.

#nada #nada100 #drivingsales #dses #dep

...Read More »

Increase Engagement with Your VDP Pages

If you didn’t know already, you can easily Increase Engagement with Your VDP Pages and it is fairly easy to do as long as you use the benefits of VDP. There are many additional things you can do to make them stand...Read More »

Responsive vs. Adaptive Websites

When it comes to Responsive vs. Adaptive Websites, there are a lot of differences and benefits so it is important to know which format is right for you. That is why it is important to know the differences between them and what they can...Read More »

Use Your Dealer Website to Sell More Cars

Use Your Dealer Website to Sell More Cars

Your biggest tool when it comes to selling vehicles is your website. This is because, in today’s society, most people do all of their research and shopping online before they make their way to the dealership. This is why you need to

In today’s society, there are so many devices out there that we can use to effectively search the internet. This includes a desktop, tablet, phone, and more. However, as you know, each device has a different size screen and operating system making it difficult for websites to look good...Read More »

6 Online Marketing Tips For Used Car Dealers

Selling used cars can be more difficult than selling new cars because you have to give as many details as you possibly can about the vehicle when brand new cars people can see details from the manufacturer site. These 6 Online...Read More »

Tips to Best Optimize Your Dealer Website

There are a lot of tips you can follow and use to optimize your website to the best of its ability. These Tips to Best Optimize Your Dealer Website focus on what is more important when it comes to selling vehicles...Read More »

How to Make Your Auto Dealer Site Mobile Friendly

How to Make Your Auto Dealer Site Mobile Friendly

In today’s society, smart phones have taken over making it easy to surf the web at any time when needed. That is why it is important to make sure your dealer’s site is mobile friendly so people can easily access it from their phones. If your site is not, there...Read More »

Common Car Dealer Marketing Errors

There are many different types of marketing errors out there that you can make and each one can cost you. These errors, unfortunately, are pretty common when it comes to car dealers. In today’s digitally connected world, it is important not to make these mistakes. These

There are many different kinds of sites out there that can draw attention to your customer base. Responsive sites are becoming bigger but one type of site that is being overlooked is Spanish sites for Spanish-speaking customers. There are so many Spanish Car...Read More »

Keys to Effective VDP Pages


It is critical to note that the most important thing to any website for any dealer is the vehicle inventory for many reasons. When people are shopping around for a vehicle, they want something that is easily accessible and very informative without having to look and click around a...Read More »

Benefits of Reviews for Your Automotive Website


Your website is key when it comes to making a profit or not. If you do not have all the right tools or use them properly, you will not see the kind of results you want. From photos, videos, inventory, and more, everything is just as important. One thing,...Read More »

Benefits of Mega Menus for Dealer Websites

Benefits of Mega Menus for Dealer Websites

There are many Benefits of Mega Menus for Dealer Websites that you can be missing out on if you do not have them. Not only do mega menus help with organization, they can improve your SEO as well. That is the...Read More »

Optimizing Your Auto Dealer Website


Getting the best website for your dealership is highly important when you want to stay competitive and offer plenty of information for potential customers. When you are thinking about Optimizing Your Auto Dealer Website, there are a lot of things you can add...Read More »

Canadian Car Dealer Website Advantages

Canadian Car Dealer Website Advantages

When you are looking to get the best website for your dealer, we at Dealer Lab can easily help you out. We have many Canadian Car Dealer Website Advantages that will turn your dealership around. There are a lot of advantages and reasons...Read More »

Automotive Marketing Errors to Avoid

Making errors happens to everyone as it is inevitable to not make an error sometimes. However, it is highly important that you make sure the errors made are not critical or consistent. There are a lot of Automotive Marketing Errors to Avoid especially...Read More »

Improve Leads on Your Dealer Site with Credit Applications


If you have an online website for your dealer, there are a lot of different things you can put on it to make it stand out, be beneficial to potential customers, and bring in more profit. Besides the obvious inventory, one thing you should have on your site is an...Read More »

Keys to Effective Auto Dealer Credit Applications

Keys to Effective Auto Dealer Credit Applications

Your website is your biggest tool for marketing, getting information out there, and more. There are many different tools you can use on your site to help make it stand out above the rest. One of them is having a credit application that people can fill out to become...Read More »

Effective Use of VDP Pages for Automotive Websites


There are many tips you can follow to help with Effective Use of VDP Pages for Automotive Websites. VDP is always important, as these pages help you generate leads to your site. Without them, you will not see the results...Read More »

Video personalization

Automotive home page personalization systems:

We recently added a new code that will make the websites display individual vehicle videos in the home page based on previous consumer click path. All the websites used are DealerEProcess responsive (RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side components), therefore the system works on all devices (desktop,...Read More »

How Can Responsive Design Help Your Auto Dealer Website?

How Can Responsive Design Help Your Auto Dealer Website?

If your site has not gone responsive, you are missing out on a lot of benefits that can help your dealership gain more momentum and more potential customers. This is why you need to ask, How Can Responsive Design...Read More »

Benefits of Custom Dealer Websites


Custom websites are always beneficial in many ways as you can make them your own to fit your brand, goals, and desires. Also, making your site clean, accessible, and informative is very important. We at Dealer Lab can help you create your ideal dealership website as our professionals can...Read More »

Better SEO with Mega Menus


Having SEO on your site is highly important as it helps draw attention to search engines and brings people over to your site. However, if your SEO is unorganized and hard to find on the site, it will not generate as many leads as you want. That is why...Read More »

Modernize Your Dealer Website with Responsive Design

Modernize Your Dealer Website with Responsive Design

Keeping up with the times is always important when it comes to marketing anything. That is why it is important to make sure you Modernize Your Dealer Website with Responsive Design. One of the biggest ways you can stay up to...Read More »

How Responsive Web Design Can Benefit Your Dealership

Benefits of Responsive Websites

To make your dealership stand out even more to get more customers, there are many different things you can consider as you constantly need to be doing new things to stay up with the game. One of these additions is having responsive websites. These designed sites give you more...Read More »

Modernize Your Dealership's Online Marketing

It is always important to keep up with the times of the modern world. Especially when it comes to being in the automotive business. If you are still stuck a few years ago, there is probably new software, technology, or strategies you may be unaware of that you should...Read More »

Tips to Improve Your Dealership Website

Your biggest tool when it comes to your dealership and getting people to stop in is your website. If your website is not user friendly, easily accessible, informative, and more, then your website could possible turn people away from your dealership. There are many

Some dealers may not think having a Credit Application For Your Dealership Website is important but in fact, it is very important. There are many reasons as to why having an application or consultant to help fill out the form on your...Read More »

How to Manage Your Dealership Website


Your dealership website is very important as it is your main “weapon” when it comes to attacking the industry and gaining not only sales, but leads and popularity as well. That is why it is very important to know exactly How to...Read More »

Why Your Dealership Site Should Go With A Responsive Design

Why Your Dealership Site Should Go with a Responsive Design

There are a couple different sites out there that offer different advantages however there is one type of site that offers one of the biggest advantages. This type of website is called responsive and there are many different reasons as to

Today, more and more people are refining their purchasing decisions from the comforts of their home as they use web-based tools and resources. This includes using google, going to the site, and reading reviews. That is How Reviews Help Your Dealer Website...Read More »

Why VDP Views Matter For Your Dealership Website

If you think VDP views and exposure is not that essential to your sales, think again. The more your customers engage with your Vehicle Details Pages, the quicker your cars will move. That is Why VDP Views Matter For Your...Read More »

Increase Clicks & Conversions On Your Car Dealership Website

Of course, when you have a website for your car dealership, you want visitors and clicks to help gain more customers. There are many things you can do that will attract shoppers but also there are many things you can do that will scare them away. You can easily...Read More »

Responsive Dealer Website vs. Adaptive Dealer Website


When you are trying to make the best site possible, it is important to know that there are a few different types of sites out there. Two of the most popular sites used for dealers is a responsive site and an adaptive site. You may wonder what

When it comes to your dealership’s performance, it can easily come down to the performance of your website. Having a great website can make it easier for customers to maneuver around allowing them to view some of the vehicles you have in stock as well as the other services...Read More »

Is Your Dealership Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Dealership Website Mobile Friendly?

When it comes to your website for your dealership, there are many things you can look for to make it better. There is one thing you should ask, Is Your Dealership Website Mobile Friendly? This question is very important because there are...Read More »

How to Generate More VDP Views

How to Generate More VDP Views

If you are stuck on How to Generate More VDP Views, there are tons of things you can do to try and push it along. There are many different ways you can increase the views as most customers will go to the...Read More »

Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Site Is Important

 When you have a website it is important to make sure it can reach out to the most people possible as that is ultimately the overall goal when it comes to these things. There are many reasons as to Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Site Is Important including five top reasons that can easily change your mind about how they work. When you want to get the message out about your product or service on your website, having it mobile-friendly may be the best way to go and here is why. Benefits to a Mobile-Friendly SiteWhen your site is optimized for mobile it greatly enhances the user experience and it makes it easier for them to navigate around. If your site is not mobile friendly, it will be a huge turn off to most people as it will not only look bad but be almost impossible to navigate around. Mobile sites are also compatible with multiple types of device and not just phones. This includes tablets as well. When you look at the statics about what devices are used to go to sites or read emails, you may be surprised to notice that more people use a phone or tablet to open up emails. Reading and sending emails from your phone has never been easier so most people may use a link from an email to go to a site. That is Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Site Is Important in multiple ways. How a Mobile-Friendly Site WorksIf you offer a service that includes phones, the internet, marketing, etc., then having a mobile friendly site may be important to show your customers your knowledge. There are multiple ways to go about getting a mobile-friendly site and one of them is making your site either responsive or adaptive. Responsive websites uses software to detect what device is being used to open up the website so that it can format it correctly making it easy to use. It is that simple to get a mobile friendly site and you do not have to do anything. Overall, it is impeccable to know Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Site Is Important and that is because it can make or break a business depending on your product or service. We at Dealer Lab can help you find what you are looking for in improving your goals. You can contact us at 877-622-2291 if you have any questions or would like to know more information on how mobile-friendly sites work.

When you have a website, it is important to make sure it can reach out to the most people possible as that is ultimately the overall goal when it comes to advertising. There are many reasons as to Why Having a...Read More »

Common Live Chat Mistakes on Auto Dealer Websites

Common Live Chat Mistakes on Auto Dealer Websites

Having live chat on your website is a great way to connect to your customers more. However, a poorly executed live chat can lead to many problems that can not only not be useful to your customers, but turn them away as well. There are many

If you are looking into the difference between responsive and adaptive websites, there are tons of different things to look at. Each website offers advantages over the other depending on what you desire the most for your business. When you look at Read More »

Car Dealer Website Templates vs. Custom Web Design


Making a website is the biggest thing for your company so it is important that you do it right. There are multiple key features when it comes to building a great website including fast loading times, easy navigation, valuable content, SEO optimization, and most importantly, design. Though design is...Read More »

What Is Responsive Web Design?

What Is Responsive Web Design?

There are many questions revolving around responsive web design and what it can do for you. The question, “ What Is Responsive Web Design?” is asked all the time but in reality it is a very simple concept. It is different than regular...Read More »

How To Optimize Your Car Dealership's Website

How to Optimize Your Car Dealership's Website

Your dealer’s website is one of the most important tools you can use to gain leads, customers and more. A bad website that not only looks bad but also preforms bad is a huge turn off and can lead people away from your dealer. It might not matter if...Read More »

Best Practice for Tracking Your Dealer Website Traffic

Keeping track of your website is highly important as it tells you how your site is doing. If traffic is slowing down, you might need to make some changes to get it up again. There many more benefits to tracking it as well. There is one simple

The backbone of any automotive dealer website is the vehicle inventory. Acheter Adidas Yeezy Boost 550 Your customers want information quickly and easily, often making many of their decisions before they ever set foot in the dealership, and the key to retaining your leads is offering the...Read More »

Why Mega Menu is Great for Your SEO



If you are trying to get more leads for your business, there are many things you can do to market your business. One thing for example, includes SEO content. If you are using SEO to help gain some leads and attract people to your site, there may be additional...Read More »

Benefits of Responsive Websites

One of the most essential pieces of having an online marketing strategy is having the most up-to-date tools and technologies to not only catch your potential customers but retain them with accessibility, versatility, and memorable branding and visuals. One of the many Benefits of...Read More »

Drive More Traffic to Your Automotive Website

Drive More Traffic to Your Automotive Website

Sometimes you can try many different things but still see no increased traffic to your website. This could mean many reasons as to why this is happening. At Dealer lab, we strive to help get your website traffic. There may be some things you could be over looking to...Read More »

Increase Car Dealer Website Leads With This Lead Button

Increase Car Dealer Website Leads With This Lead Button

There are many ways you can increase leads for your website and that is always a good thing. Some ways are obvious while other ways are not so obvious but are just as important. For example, there is a simple button you can add to your pages which allow...Read More »

Google Mobile Algorithm Changes

The purpose of this article is to provide information to automotive dealers about Google’s new indexing changes and the technology and opinions related to them. The article has links to all my research for you to expand in the topic.

It is safe to assume that by now we have all...Read More »

CraigsList Changes

This is just a reminder that Craigslist is now cracking own on keyword spamming in ads.

In essence if you post a Hyundai Sonata and try to include keywords for other makes/models the ad is likely to be blocked. As was the case the past 2 days for this dealer (see...Read More »

Easy Template Pages

We have implemented a new page template builder. What does this mean? You can create your own custom pages in half the time. These optimized layouts are ready to become landing pages, events, news releases, and can become whatever you desire.

Want to learn more? Call us at 877.622.2291

...Read More »

November 4th Class

November 4th at the Marriot in Seatac.

Light breakfast at 8am, class starts at 9am sharp.

Brian Pasch is coming from training European EOMs in Italy and Brussels for a one day exclusive event in the Pacific North West.

All expenses are covered by DealerLab.

...Read More »

Mega menus are here

The new code for mega menus (graphical menus) is being implemented in all sites.

We expect a full implementation within the next 30-60 days. An account manager will have to get an approval from you before we add the code to your website. There is no cost to this and it...Read More »

Google Indexing Your Website


Google has recently made some algorithmic changes adding favoritism to newer fresher content. If your website is static and doesn’t produce new pages often, Google will not crawl your website as often. Having new fresh content on your website will not only increase the amount of times Google will crawl...Read More »

Mega Menus Are Going Live

The new code for mega menus (graphical menus) is being implemented in all sites.

We expect a full implementation within the next couple of months. An account manager will have to get an approval from you before we add the code to your website. There is no cost to this...Read More »

WEBSITE-Free payment tool

We meet with a Mercedes Benz dealer a few months ago and I was surprised to hear that they sell most of their new cars based on the payment, not the price of the vehicle.

So based on that we built a tool that allows dealers to input:

Dealer Lab – AMMP New Features


Website feature: Inventory rules

In the auto special rules, you can now choose a range for their days in stock.

You would simply use the “between” for that option (see attached image)

Website features: Deeper analytics integration

You can now expand the list for referral sources, referral sites and search keywords....Read More »

Digital Marketing Training for Dealers


Mark your calendars for these 2 special events on November 4-5-6.

This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best Digital Marketing teams (PCG) in the world.

We are happy to invite all our dealers to this special event and DealerLab is 100% sponsoring the first day.

Call...Read More »

CHAT-Icons Updated

Small change, T Shirt Kenzo Pas Cher Comprar Ropa Interior Calvin Klein just added “24/7″ to the chat icon.

...Read More »

TEXT – textstr System Update

This is a product that we have integrated with our websites (but not our product). T Shirt Versace Homme Pas Cher We feel is good that we keep you update with the components that you use integrated with our systems.

We’re pleased to announce 2 new versions of our...Read More »

Google Says Good-Bye To Google Authorship

Contrary to initial thoughts, Google doesn’t always have the Midas touch. Over it’s entire history the mammoth tech giant has demonstrated that no product or feature is immune to the chopping block. Just ask Google Base, Google Squared or Google Buzz. Never heard of them? Exactly. Google is constantly testing...Read More »

New Google AdWords integration

We have launched an new feature in the DealerLab AMMP reporting dashboard. You can now see your keyword level stats by following the steps below!

This feature is...Read More »

CRAIGSLIST-Selection tool & areas

Selective Posting Interface This new interface will allow the dealer to select which cars they want posted to Craigslist. Adidas Ultra Boost Soldes It works for both new...Read More »

New Phone Leads Tagging


The phone numbers associated with your website (tracking numbers) are now labeled in the lead :: phone area of the back end.

In the attached case we also added PPC (Pay Per Click) and Retargeting (ret) to this dealer’s internal report.

Our goal is to provide faster access to information on...Read More »

2014 Dealer Choice Award Winner

At the Las Vegas Industry Summit this September, Dealer E Process and Dealer Lab was awarded the 2014 Dealer’s Choice Award. Adidas Yeezy Boost Acheter   With all of Dealer Lab’s advanced backend tools and high performing websites, it’s no wonder we have one this prestigious award....Read More »

One Login For All

Simplify: Access all of your web assets in one central location. Simplify your decision making process. Throw out your long list of logins for analytics, forms, call tracking, Craigslist, and Google AdWords. Everything in one place: that is how it should be, and is at Dealer...Read More »

WEBSITES-Check the mega menus

We saw the potential of mega menus early in the year on sites like FireStone. Calvin Klein Tanga The challenge was to replicate the code from a very expensive commercial site (that site services hundreds of Firestone retailers) into the systems that serve...Read More »

SEO-Google mobile warning

This is a great article on Google’s direction on mobile.

They will force websites one way or another to become mobile compatible and offer an all around cross device compatible experience.

While most dealers already have the mobile issue resolved,

...Read More »

Dealer Inventory Schema Code

With Schema Codes Dealer Lab websites tell Google what the website data and content really means.

Enhanced Google Search Results

Dealer Lab passes a lot refined data to Google. Anything from the dealer’s hours of operations, to their address, to model and trim names. For example in the image above you can...Read More »

Industry Summit Las Vegas

This year’s Industry Summit offers four educational tracks led by the leading trainers, executives and thought leaders in each segment! There is no better opportunity for dealers and senior managers to meet – and no better place than the beautiful and luxurious Paris Las Vegas!...Read More »

Internet Battle Plan Seattle

Jim Ziegler’s highly successful Internet Battle Plan comes roaring back August 5-7, 2014 in Seattle, WA.

Battle Plan Graduates have given us incredible testimonials for profit increases and market share increases through technology-enabled sales and marketing tips they picked up from the powerful team of experts...Read More »

CRAIGSLIST-Free new car tool

One of the problems with Craigslist working from a feed and having to pay $5 a vehicle is that is made in unaffordable for new cars to post the entire inventory.

To solve that problem we just developed a selection tool, free of charge included with your Craigslist...Read More »

Mobile Menu Updated

We updated the mobile menu so as you can see in this screenshot it appears at the op of every mobile page (this is a coupon page at Klein Honda).

The menu gives customers access to every page in the website and not just to...Read More »

Study Finds Top Search Positions Raise Brand Awareness


Radio spots or TV advertising have been considered the go-to avenue for businesses to increase their brand awareness. Traditionally, search advertising brings its value through clicks, impressions, and conversions. However, a recent study by Google brings new insights into the effectiveness of search ads. The results may surprise you.

The...Read More »

LEARNING-Jun 24th Bellevue

Chicago based Maria Espinoza will focus on what are the best conversion points in a website. After looking at over 1000 websites she analyzed the averaged sales leads per form and...Read More »

Long Tailed Searches out of market


The whole point of SEO is making it to the top of the search results. In the example we are searching for a “2014 Toyota Corolla Everett”. Something to note for this search is that this dealership is not in Everett and there is a different Toyota dealership...Read More »

Dealer Content Marketing starting under $100 per month


Website content building:
Plans include one time contracts and monthly contracts. I would suggest to any dealer to sign up for recurring monthly content. Most dealers do 10 pages per month.


Example pages:
Page – 2014 BMW M4 Finance near Hammond
Page –...Read More »

How World Cup Search Results Is Related To Your Car Dealership


With the FIFA World Cup just starting a couple days ago, be prepared for World Cup mania to reach all ends of the world. As you read this your Facebook news feed is probably saturated with World Cup talk and your favorite sports bar is probably already packed with...Read More »

Why your dealership needs PPC and SEM with Call to Action


Putting a portion of your valuable advertising budget into paid search is a great way to attract new visitors to your dealerships website and sell some cars. Especially when you consider that a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that automotive shoppers are 71% more likely to be...Read More »

Clear Results with Google Webmaster Tools


Measuring Success

Between major algorithms like Panda and Penguin, and just plain old everyday Google algorithmic changes, it can sometimes be hard for to figure out why your site isn’t ranking in Google as highly as you would like. With recent changes to Google Analytics, you can no longer...Read More »

Dynamic Mobile Websites

Driving Traffic

Did you know that almost 40% of all your website traffic comes to your website via mobile device? Does your dealership have a mobile strategy? Is all the information on your full version website available on your mobile website? Can you create custom pages? Manage Ads? Get all...Read More »

Website lead tracking

We made a great effort last month to get all our websites to integrate with our dealer’s phone, chat, and form systems.

The result is a back end system that gives you data like what you see here with deeper view on a daily basis on where your...Read More »

CraigsList + eBay

For those of you posting with us on CraigsList we can now post to EbayClassifieds for free.

As an example see: http://www.ebayclassifieds.com/user/Definitive-Motor

With EbayClassifieds, there are a few limitations such as:

Advertise in your dealer chat

We recently added a small banner to the Larson Automotive Group chat box with a link to new vehicles under $20K.

Whether that is what you want to advertise or not is not the point, what I want to bring to your attention is that there are places...Read More »

New Panda Update

Google announced a few days ago via Matt Cutts Twitter that they are rolling another Panda update.

This is significant because we tend to react to big events but not to small roll outs and Google...Read More »

Google Search Algorithm Update: Panda 4.0

May 20th, Google released yet another update to their search algorithm.  This update primarily targeted duplicate content, thin content, and low quality content.  This update is estimated to effect approximately 7.5% of search results.  Everyday Google is working on ways to improve their search results, trying to...Read More »

Estimating Your Monthly PPC Budget

When deciding to invest in PPC marketing, one of the first questions that needs to be answered is, “How much should I spend?” Since most car dealers know that they need to get involved in PPC since nearly 90 percent of people us the internet when...Read More »

Content Strategy

We started building a new type of set pages for content, specially focused on new cars.

The pages don’t look different than many other companies new car model pages, what is different are the links to content.

In this example for , you can see that besides accessing the inventory, brochures, incentives,...Read More »

PPC Leads Integrated with Website

In the dashboard you will now notice that leads can be classified as a paid PPC lead.

These leads will have a dollar sign $ indicating that those are not organic to the website.

Our goal is to further integrate assets like Google PPC that are external but...Read More »

Why Dealer Lab Is The Best Dealer Website Solution

Tailored To Your Needs

A key to success in any market is standing out. With the flexibility we offer and a sharp attention to detail, we ensure that your website will be truly one of a kind. This can include everything from Carfax integration to embedded inventory videos. Customization is just...Read More »

New Terminology In Google Analytics

Some of you astute, detail-orientated types may have noticed a while back that Google Analytics has changed the way that their data is displayed. Don’t panic, this isn’t a major algorithm that will alter the landscape of search marketing — they didn’t even give the update an animal code name...Read More »

Three Reason Why You Should Also Advertise On Bing

Google runs a monopoly on the search engine marketing industry. That’s evident by the fact that over here at Integrated PPC nearly 98 percent of our clients ad spend is spent on Google. Yup, a paltry 2 percent of the budget that is managed here is spent on Bingads. Apparently,...Read More »

What Dealerships Need To Know About Marketing To Millenials

Millenials, those born after 1982, are often described as tech-savvy, educated, self-involved, socially connected (a product of coming to age during the social networking era), and impatient. At 80 million strong they make up the largest generation in U.S. History since the Baby Boomers. According to industry experts they carry...Read More »

New Facebook Updates Looks to Curb News Feed Spam

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In the age of social networking Facebook has become a large part of any online marketing campaign, alongside SEO and PPC. Just as how Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm to alter best practices and penalize SEO tactics that moved from an acceptable tactic to a spammy tactic...Read More »

Top Businesses For Mobile Search

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In our fast paced life, users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to access information while on the go. This is especially true for local search. According to a recent survey finding 63 percent of people are now using multiple devices to find local business. Of that, 79 percent...Read More »

The Pros & Cons of Bidding On Competitor Keywords

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By its very nature, which is rooted in a bidding system for premium ad placement, PPC is very competitive form of marketing that breeds competition between brands. A PPC strategy that many business owners use is bidding on their competitor’s branded keywords. Bidding on your competitor’s branded keywords can open...Read More »

Reasons Why PPC & SEO Are Better Used Together

Like Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen, peanut butter & jelly, and under appreciated R&B 70′s duo Herbs & Peaches – reunited and it feels so good – SEO & PPC together is greater than the sum of its parts.

Some people may disagree with that statement and make this analogy, “Why...Read More »

Measuring Blog Performance by Using Google Analytics

Whether you manage a small, yet burgeoning, blog with a few dozen readers or an immensely popular blog with a profitable Adsense account; you can utilize Google Analytics to gain insightful measurements on your blog’s performance. The myriad of data and graphs may seem daunting at first glance. However, if...Read More »

CraigsList integration FREE

The CraigsList reporting tool is now available in the website’s back end.

Log in your DealerLab.com account, click on the marketing tab then click on CragsList report.

The report also provides (not shown on screenshot) the phone call records and email transcript.

We also provide a link to the live...Read More »

Rebates tool FREE

We finally finished our rebates tool for new cars.

Bolsos de moda

The tool allows you to manage blocks of rebates, apply them to groups of cars selected, and the system will calculate the new price deduction from the MSRP. The system will also send all the rebate...Read More »

Virtual Credit Consultant is FREE

We launched the Virtual Credit Consultant last year in an effort to create a better online financing application for the dealers.

The VCC is now FREE for all DealerLab.com customers.

The VCC can be installed in:

What is online content marketing?

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Online content marketing is any marketing done online that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.  This information can be presented in a variety of formats, including custom websites, custom webpages, blogs, review sites, social media, how-to guides, question and answer...Read More »

CraigsList Website Integration

The CraigsList posting report system, now integrated with y


our dealer website backend:

(AutoClassifiedSolutions.com) has been integrated with the back end of the DealerLab.com websites.

In short: Now you can access all your CL posting budget, expense, call reports, email reports, etc from...Read More »

New Feature: Mobile Menu

Dealer Lab and Dealer e-Process’ rolled out its newest feature “mobile menu” across all of its mobile sites. The mobile menu provides easy navigation and access for the customer on-the-go.


Mobile Menu Grid

The grid displays on every mobile page so customers can access different areas of the site...Read More »

Google Plus Authorship

Adding Google+ Authorship to your custom pages is becoming a vital process for search engine results. This simple process, which adds a simple line of code to your pages (much like a byline on any article), creates a “rich snippet” in Google’s search results that comes complete...Read More »

Where does the Snippet come from?

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When Google generates search results for your keywords, you’ll see a description below the page title, this is called the “Snippet.” The snippet can be an important section to optimize for driving traffic, so what can you do to optimize for that? First, let’s understand where Google looks to create...Read More »

Converting with Video

Video Inventory

A couple weeks ago we posted about the use of video in the car sales world. Website providers everywhere are constantly trying to find ways to convert Browsing Customers into Buying Customers. Here at PGI we have stayed on the cutting edge of technology by building focused packages which pair...Read More »

Why Half of Your Used Cars Won’t Sell

Digital marketing is continuing to grow in all industries and now accounts for 1.5 out of every 4 dollars spent in the auto industry. That being said, we also know that 90% of all customers that enter dealerships have done some sort of browsing on the Internet...Read More »

What is Geofencing and how will it effect car dealers?

By definition, geofencing is a technology that can register when someone enters a predefined geographical area. This is measured by GPS or RFID. Some marketers have begun using geofencing as a way to target coupons and ads at people within a certain distance of their dealership.

Google currently...Read More »

SEO, PPC, and ROI for your Dealership

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SEO and PPC have very different costs and results. For PPC/search advertising, your ROI is pretty clear. You spent X dollars, you got Y clicks, of which Z people converted. However, when it comes to SEO and content development, the results are much less clear.

When you put the...Read More »

Is Link Building Dead?

First, let’s review what’s happened in 2013. Matt Cutts released several videos talking about how guest posts for the sake of link building has become a more and more spammy practice. As a result, must websites that would actually benefit you to have links on them (the non-spammy sites) are...Read More »

Dealer Lab’s Advanced Marketing Report to Dashboard

The Marketing Report pulls all Pay-Per-Click (PPC) statistics from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, call tracking, and chat leads, and displays them in an easy-to-understand format so you can track the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. This report is the most transparent way to view and analyze the following data:

Where Facebook Fits In

I’ve noticed a few rumors on the web that Facebook can help your SEO, or that having more likes will boost your Google pagerank. These are (currently) inaccurate, but that doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t a legitimate way to generate traffic and leads.

Facebook falls under the “Content Marketing” strategy. Content marketing...Read More »

Write Good Content and the SEO Will Follow

When you hear about a change to a Google algorithm, the knee-jerk reaction is usually “how will this affect my SEO?” Every day, this reaction is becoming more backwards. SEO, as a product, has been inflated by digital marketers over the past 5 years. The reason is that it’s easy...Read More »

6th PGI Training and Educational Seminar

Dealer Training Seminar p1

Download Flyer: 6th PGI Training Seminar


Breakfast at 8:30am, Presentations Begin at 9am

How To Build Your Dealership Around Social
– Gary May – Founder, IM@CS Doing The Basics Brilliantly

Dynamic PPC Integration & Analytics
– Nick Gorton – General Manager, Integrated PPC

Content and Organic SEO
– Yago...Read More »

AWA Awards

Congratulations to

Automotive Pinnacle Website Awards Winner Dealer e-Process and

Dealer e-Process and Dealerlab.com has been recognized independently as a 2014 Automotive Website Awards recipient for the Pinnacle Platforms award in the Websites category. The well-known automotive website platform was well-deserving of the award, and PCG Consulting is...Read More »

Driving Sales Award

Dealer e-Process Presented with DrivingSales.com Top Rated Website Provider

Dealer e-Process receives a “Top Rated” Award for Dealer Satisfaction in SEM – PPC and Websites Categories

Downers Grove, Illinois – January 24, 2014 – Dealer e-Process is the recipient of “Top Rated” awards in the SEM...Read More »

Come join us at NADA

Nick Gorton and Yago Paramo will be at NADA from Wednesday to Monday (I’ll be attending the AWA awards on Thursday). Call us or text us if you are going to be there.

Read More »

New CraigsList Report System

On top of the daily report we have created a reporting system where you can access all the lead information (calls and emails) from CraigsList as well as daily reports on ad spending and updates.

For more information go to autoclassifiedsolutions.com or email Dustin for user...Read More »

Dyamic PPC

Introducing a brand new way to drive traffic directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages. This is the most advanced, integrated pay per click system on the market today.

Dynamic, inventory specific, Google Ads are here! We have been working hard on a system that creates unique Google ads...Read More »

Google Display Network Advertising

Google has added a feature to their display network advertising. The buzzword here is “Viewability.” When bidding on impressions (CPM) in the display network, you can now require that the ad is viewable before you’re charged for it. The qualifications for an ad to viewable is that at least 50%...Read More »

SEO Insights

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Another article had some interesting insight in the evolution on SEO strategy. The article below goes into much more detail, but the gist of it is that having a site that functions well for the end user will get an SEO boost over a site that focuses solely on keywords....Read More »

CraigsList Changes

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I wanted to gather a few thoughts about the 1st week in Craig’s List for the dealers.

This is a near-perfect ad:

2010 Acura MDX

1) Up to 24 photos per vehicle.

2) No HTML (so no links, color text, etc)

3) Formatted text is available (lists, bold, larger font, etc)

What would make this...Read More »

Sorry Edmunds & Yahoo Autos: Google Added Cars To Knowledge Graph

Google Car Knowledge Graph

Google announced yesterday on Google+ that they have added car/automobile results to the knowledge graph. So now when you search for [2013 ferrari ff] (hint, who is your favorite search blogger, would make for a nice holiday gift) you will get the knowledge graph at the...Read More »

Google’s Knowledge Graph Update

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Yesterday’s update to Google’s knowledge graph (The knowledge graph shows up on the right of search results and typically shows relevant information to the search such as a map for a location) makes it so when you search for a specific model, information about the car and its configurations and...Read More »

CraigsList Changing Postings

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The change is finally here, today is the first day of CraigsList charging for postings in the automotive by dealer section.

You have several choices for posting;

Post one car at a time; build the template, add the car, pay the $5. For this you don’t need one of the new accounts...Read More »

Google intros a new review monitoring system http://googleandyourbusiness.blogs...

Google intros a new review monitoring system


Announcing Reviews in Google Places for Business | Google and Your Business

...Read More »

Is Craigslist’s charge change positive or negative?

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For how we understand the world a “charge” a tax or any new form of payment can’t be hardly justified as positive but I think we need to look at where is CraigsList today and what could possibly happen once the change is implemented.

The fact that CraigsList didn’t charge for...Read More »

PPC/SEM Investigation – 95% of Car Dealers Are Getting Cheated

PPC Grader

Every month I try to bring value to our dealers by offering useful information that will help dealers stay on top of their internet strategies. Today’s topic is PPC (Pay Per Click)/SEM (Search Engine Marketing). With 2014 right around the corner and budget discussions starting, it’s time to get a...Read More »

VCC 60 day trial

Virtual Credit Consultant Complimentary 60 Day Trial on DealerLab websites.

Virtual Credit Consultant is a one-of-a-kind software developed specifically for auto dealers looking to pre-qualify customers utilizing TransUnion credit scores without credit impacting the consumer’s credit score or history. This application is 100% mobile adaptive!

For your complimentary...Read More »

Datium: Most leads per VDP

Datium: Most leads per VDP

...Read More »

If you are interested about what your website company will do in the future, you...

If you are interested about what your website company will do in the future, you need to read this:


What Google's Hummingbird...Read More »

5th PGI Training & Educational Seminar

Mark your calendars for November 21st.

We have a new seminar on November 21st specialized on BDC/CRM training and best practices.

The 3 speakers are the among the best in their areas and they will provide intensive classes in their arena but not just for their product.

This is not a sales pitch...Read More »

BDC/CRM seminar Nov. 21st: Mark your calendars for November 21st. We have...

BDC/CRM seminar Nov. 21st:

Mark your calendars for November 21st.

We have a new seminar on November 21st specialized on BDC/CRM training and best practices.

The 3 speakers are the among the best in their areas and they will provide intensive classes in their arena but not just for their...Read More »

Driving Sales & Digital Dealer: PGI's Schedule: Yago will be there from Saturd...

Driving Sales & Digital Dealer:

PGI's Schedule:

Yago will be there from Saturday afternoon until Thursday night. Nick Gorton arrives on Monday and Geoff Wilkins on Tuesday. The DealerEprocess team from Chicago will be there from Sunday.

You can find us at Digital Dealer at PGI booth #232 under the...Read More »

Driveitnow integration: We have integrated Driveitnow in our mobile platform bo...

Driveitnow integration:

We have integrated Driveitnow in our mobile platform both in the SRP and the VDP. With most sites hitting the mid and high 30's on mobile traffic we felt that this was a necessary integration.

You can see the new mobile version of the payment system on the...Read More »

Here are some of the things you could be doing on video (must click on the video...

Here are some of the things you could be doing on video (must click on the video icon to the lower right of the photo):

This Jeep has an automated stitch video at Larson Dodge http://www.larsondodge.com/auto/new-2014-jeep-wrangler_unlimited-unlimited_rubicon_4wd/646920/ , we all know those. The...Read More »

Craigslist updates: It seems that CraigsList makes updates to their servers eve...

Craigslist updates:

It seems that CraigsList makes updates to their servers every six months or so and during that time postings are a nightmare.

They have finally release some of the new changes:

"As of today, Craigslist no longer allows IMG, FONT, TABLE, DIV, and SPAN HTML tags in listings....Read More »

Digital Marketing Updates http://conta.cc/18SSqex

Digital Marketing Updates http://conta.cc/18SSqex

Digital Marketing Updates
Busy month again with 2 seminars and preparing our own for November 21st.Please let us...Read More »

Our special finance websites are created with an unique SEO package that focuses...

Our special finance websites are created with an unique SEO package that focuses on financing terms for a better organic indexing:


Bad...Read More »

A new site goes up in Tacoma to 2.0: http://www.southtacomaauto.com/

A new site goes up in Tacoma to 2.0:


Tacoma Used Cars | South Tacoma Auto Washington
South Tacoma Auto is...Read More »

Your Website Is Broken and You Don’t Even Know It

Earlier this year I wrote an article titled, “SEM to Dealer VDP Pages Is Like Throwing Money Out of The Window”. This article created a small stir in the industry because of its title, although its true intention was to ask dealers to take a deeper look into their website...Read More »

Up and running! If you can't be smarter than your competition at least you can o...

Up and running! If you can't be smarter than your competition at least you can outwork them.

...Read More »

Website delivery board full-again

Website delivery board full-again

...Read More »

We can deliver sites for dealers that don't event exists! Larson Mitsu will open...

We can deliver sites for dealers that don't event exists! Larson Mitsu will open next month so the site doesn't have inventory yet.

Larson Mitsubishi Dealer | Tacoma New Used Cars...Read More »

Smith KIA Bellingham new website. Notice the pre-searche scroll on the universal...

Smith KIA Bellingham new website. Notice the pre-searche scroll on the universal search bar (new feature):


Smith Kia Dealer | New &...Read More »

New KIA website for the Jerry Smith Auto Group

New KIA website for the Jerry Smith Auto Group

Jerry Smith Kia Dealer | New Used Cars | Bellingham Burlington WA
Jerry Smith Kia in Burlington, WA. New Kia and...Read More »

Webminar and live training sessions

Webminar and live training sessions

...Read More »

We just implemented Driveitnow payment pro on mobile. Check this out @Brien Ford...

We just implemented Driveitnow payment pro on mobile. Check this out @Brien Ford (must check on a cell phone!):


Searching for a...Read More »

Google now has the word "ad" when showing PPC on mobile devices.

Google now has the word "ad" when showing PPC on mobile devices.

...Read More »

Nick Gorton taking final notes at Barrier MB

Nick Gorton taking final notes at Barrier MB

...Read More »

Digital Dealer Conference

We will be attending Digital Dealer Conference on October 15th, 16th, and 17th.

Booth information:

PGI booth #232 under the name DealerLab
DealerEProcess booth #609

Speaker information:

Dave Page: 3:00pm – 3:50pm TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2013

You may find a complete agenda: Conference agenda

Party information:

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Driving Sales Summit

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We will be attending Driving Sales on October 14th and 15th.

You will be able to find us at the Dealer E Process booth (no booth numbers at Driving Sales).

Remember that on the 15th Digital Dealer starts so we will be moving between both conferences.

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Reviews in Google

Reviews in Google places no longer take you from the SERP but they open in an overlay so you can go back to the SERP just by clocking out of the reviews.


Tanga Calvin Klein Mujer

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Owner manuals


Owner’s manuals are now available on the VDP’s left corner (right below the photo).

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