Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Month: August 2013

PGI Seminar April 22nd

No time left, call today. We just opened registration from 75 spots to 125. The seminar will be intense so be ready to take notes. Our goal is that you leave with action items that you can implement at your store and improve your dealer market presence. The stronger our clients are in digital media the stronger our company becomes. For the 4th year PGI shares the knowledge gained for the last 12 months with our dealers. The seminar is not a sales pitch but a deep view on what we learn and how that shapes what we do. When we work one-on-one we often times follow a pattern dictated by the business that we have together or by the knowledge we think we have in common with each other. The seminars allow you to see the thinking process behind what we are doing and specially the data that we are analyzing to set what we will do in 2014.   Please RSVP as soon as possible with Courtnei @ 425.379.0483 EXT 109. There are only 75 openings for the … Continue reading

New video tag tool

NEW VIDEO TAG TOOL There are several companies now building very high quality videos both for generic information and new inventory walk around. One of the problems is that there was no easy way to connect a unique video to a particular set of the inventory and distribute it. We built a new free tool in Autobase that allows you to add a video and tag it based in multiple parameters. You can tag a video to used cars, to new, certified, but even drill down to something like “new 2013 toyota corolla” so only those will have that video on the VDP. You can also tag “used with less than 75K miles” for those of you doing warranties on used cars. We built our websites so each vehicle can take 25+ videos so you can have automated videos, how to videos, unique dealer videos, etc. We really wanted this tool to coordinate the inventory with the website and bring a completely new layer of video possibilities for the dealers. In this case you will see that this Toyota Avalon … Continue reading

Carfax 1-Owner pages

Analytics show that 1-Owner vehicles are getting a lot more VDP views than any other group in the inventory (VS hybrids, VS trucks, etc). We recently added a 1-Owner vehicle tab to Magic Toyota home page to help customers find those quicke…r. We decided to build a landing page for the search instead of having a direct search (so one step longer) because the landing page is key worded to index in adjacent DMS. The 1-Owner search has so much traffic that we believe Google will index this pretty well. The page also gave us a chance to add a “disclaimer” with the fact the Carfax is the one providing the 1_owner data. If you look at Magic Toyota you will notice that we also added a blue button with the Carfax logo at the bottom of the fold so customers will see the 1-Owner search top and bottom. We encourage you to make this change and test the results. http://www.magictoyota.com/