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Instagram Hot Spots

Instagram recently added “hot spots” to their sponsored ads (two lower images) that provide interactive information about parts of the product.

This month we added hot spots to our website platform (top image) as a free feature. The website must be on the 3.5 version (which is also a free upgrade ) and use our inventory system DEPi since the hot spots are controlled from there.

In my opinion there is a tremendous advantage and easiness of navigation for the customer when we don’t force to scroll down the page to find options and technical data. Engaging the customer visually while providing additional information is and evolution of the VDP.

It is a must to combine hot spots with larger images, which our websites and VDPs also support. Our new and also free VDPxl supports up to 2MB (5x times larger than current) image files with no forced image degradation to gain speed but a new server side technology that adapts the image to the requested download speed.

I’ll shed some light for those of you already thinking what’s next. We are working on bringing OEM incentives, lease specials etc as a hot spot as well as providing dealers the ability to manage custom ones.


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Instagram Hot Spots