Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

KIA Dealer campaign

2e56403b-3eb4-4630-9945-4b9a41e3317d-originalWhat do you think about this KIA dealer campaign? To be fair, my location was Everett, which still 40 miles from the dealer. If you don’t understand your SEM reports and all you ask is for numbers this can happen to you. We sometimes do targeted campaigns with unique offers aiming outside DMA customers, but Jerry Smith Kia in Burlington is almost 100 miles from Puyallup, a 2 hour plus drive, and you must drive pass Kia of Puyallup, Car Pros Kia, Lee Johnson Kia, Chuck Olson Kia, Kia of Seattle, Sunset Kia, and Performance Kia. I don’t know you can make an offer on any car that amazing! The easiest way to cheat a dealer, and I’m not saying that is the case here (disclaimer: as advised by our legal team) is to create campaigns in areas with a high density of population. The lead numbers will look good, but the sales numbers will not improve. Yago Paramo yago@dealereprocess.com