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Automotive Entrepreneur

Dynamic Mobile Websites

Mobile Dealer WebsitesDriving Traffic

Did you know that almost 40% of all your website traffic comes to your website via mobile device? Does your dealership have a mobile strategy? Is all the information on your full version website available on your mobile website? Can you create custom pages? Manage Ads? Get all these features and more with a mobile solution that works on over 1750 mobile devices!

Adaptive Website Technology

Many car dealers send customers links to their inventory, specials, rebate pages etc. However a large majority of these customers are clicking the links sent to them via email or social networking from their mobile phone. When your customers are sent these types of links and a customer clicks from their mobile device does your platform send them to the correct page on the mobile side?

Live Chat

The Dealer Lab Live Chat solution consists of three offerings and can be utilized on ALL dealer websites regardless of the vendor. We provide a Dealer Managed Solution; Hybrid Live Chat that a dealer cam “jump into” in real time. Live Chat can be Pro-Active or Re-Active. All chats are sent to your dealership’s CRM. Full reporting and chat transcripts are stored in a secured dashboard login.

3rd Party Integration

Capture more leads on your website with LeadDriver, Kelley Blue Book’s trade-in values, Purecars, Blackbook Online, Autocheck, Carfax and much more! Dealer Lab mobile websites integrate with them all!

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