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Responsive Dealer Website vs. Adaptive Dealer Website

mex-websitesWhen you are trying to make the best site possible, it is important to know that there are a few different types of sites out there. Two of the most popular sites used for dealers is a responsive site and an adaptive site. You may wonder what Responsive Dealer Website vs. Adaptive Dealer Website offer you and the answer is simple. Each type of site has a different approach so it all depends on what works best for your strategy and dealership.

Responsive Dealer Website

There are many advantages to responsive websites but the amount of advantages depends on how well it fits with you. The biggest differences that responsive has is that it is a single template that is fluid and can easily change to fit any screen. This means that the site will change itself and look different depending on if you are looking at it on a phone, tablet, or computer. This is to make sure that your site stays organized and professional looking no matter what.

However, because you use one template that fits any screen, it may take a little longer for the page to load. Just because it has one template does not make responsive sites harder to use with SEO strategies. You do not have to decide between the two different sites as well as combination of the two might work as well. Overall, a well-designed multi-screen strategy needs to focus on what really matters the most in creating great mobile experiences.

Adaptive Dealer Website

When talking about Responsive Dealer Website vs. Adaptive Dealer Website, adaptive sites have their advantages too. For example, even though there are distinct templates for computer, tablet, and smartphone screens, these sites load faster as it does not have to use one template to change. It is also very supportive of SEO strategies and makes it easier.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages to the biggest website types, the next thing to do is to decide which one is better for you: Responsive Dealer Website vs. Adaptive Dealer Website. We at Dealer Lab strive in this area and can easily help you decide which site is better for your dealership. We offer plenty of different products as well including custom dealer websites and more. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 877-622-2291 as we are happy to help.