Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Month: June 2013

Owner manuals

OWNERS MANUALS Owner’s manuals are now available on the VDP’s left corner (right below the photo). What we have depends on the make (we are missing a couple makes) and the years each make has in digital form. However now that the system to handle the PDF files and to link them to the VDP is set up, any time we can ge new ones we will enhance the system automatically. Notice that in this example we also have a brochure for this vehicle even though is used. The owner’s manuals will not bring any SEO advantage because they are stored in a common resources server and not under your root domain. All the files together had as much data as 8 Blue-Ray movies which will take too much server space. The purpose of the service manuals is to provide more information and engagement opportunities to your customers which increase your time on site and website usefulness.