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Toyota Site Redesigns

Our newest Toyota site redesigns (see: magictoyota.com) are pretty close to the OEM, included with all the geo changes (ads have the state disclaimers, etc). We put inventory first and research pages second (OEM only has research pages) but made the research pages available via the SRP and the VDP. New to this site is also “thumb enabled” ads, and SRP/VDP images.…

Dealer eProcess Chosen as Mazda Website Certified Provider

DealerEProcess chosen as Mazda website certified provider in the USA: We are now Mazda website and digital marketing certified. So many thanks to a great team of people that worked hard to make this a reality. Email us for a demo: [email protected] Yago de Artaza Paramo [email protected]

Optimizing Your Auto Dealer Website

Getting the best website for your dealership is highly important when you want to stay competitive and offer plenty of information for potential customers. When you are thinking about Optimizing Your Auto Dealer Website, there are a lot of things you can add and we at Dealer Lab can help you get there. From having a very informative online inventory…

Video personalization

Automotive home page personalization systems: We recently added a new code that will make the websites display individual vehicle videos in the home page based on previous consumer click path. All the websites used are DealerEProcess responsive (RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side components), therefore the system works on all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet). Because we have certain limitations to the…