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Upgrade to High Resolution Images

Are you still playing with CDK’s 640×480 images?

No pixelation, we can actually take native resolution images and offer your customers your inventory as it was meant to be seen.

We started in the 90’s with 1 image because that is what Autotrader Magazines took. The size was 640×480 because it was the default size in most digital cameras at the time. A few (Olympus!) tried different sizes and when dSLR arrived even a new aspect ratio but as soon as the image server databases adapted that 640×480 the industry was set on that.

There was another reason for this, remember those 13” monitors? 🤣 Graphic cards and other hardware were also at fault.

Fast forward to 2019 with dealers paying professional photographers to do 20-30 image shots in some cases (Lexus, Porsche, MB, BMW, etc.) for $100k cars, and some companies continue to use a 20+ year old display resolution. There is a little bit of an economic reason here; larger images mean higher storage and bandwidth cost. But they also mean new and better resizing technology, especially in responsive environments. Trust me: it’s all here.

It’s time to upgrade to high resolution images.

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Upgrade to High Resolution Images