Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Month: January 2014

Dynamic Inventory PPC

Last month we introduced Dynamic PPC for New and Used inventory but what is most important, integrated with your DealerLab websites back end. Dynamic ads allow you to target any DMA because the ads are not based on key words so you don’t use any competitor names or brands, the ads are based on inventory specific searches in Google and a matching based on IP address. Today we show you a screen shoot of the system with the “per unit” activity report. A few of the key features of the system: 1) Monthly budget managed in Google’s back end like a PPC campaign. 2) Reporting available on your Google account and in your DealerLab website. 3) Total budget cap per vehicle available to avoid high profile cars burning the budget. 4) Separate campaigns and budget for new and used. 5) Customized target areas for new and used. 6) Ability not to push cars with no photos (Available late Q1 2014). We have been working hard on a system that creates unique Google ads for the specific used cars that you … Continue reading

Google Universal Analytics

What Universal Analytics offers to developers is the ability to collect data from multiple devices and platforms. Old Google Analytics would only report website traffic, with Universal Analytics you can track actions in mobile apps, game consoles, and information kiosks. For the automotive industry, the extra device tracking is not a huge perk. However, when an account has Universal Analytics enabled, you can see details about which search engine was used arriving on the site, user behavior details like session timeouts, referral exclusions, and search term exclusions. Referral exclusions can be useful for providing more accurate data about user behavior. For example, if your site has a sister site at a different domain, and users could bounce back and forth between the 2, you would want to exclude each of the urls so that this behavior is reported as the same session instead of referral traffic. Excluded search terms allow you to mark organic search traffic from specific terms as direct traffic instead. If you would prefer that when people search for your company name to get to your website, … Continue reading

PPC DealerLab Integration

We announced this month a new DealerLab + Google integration with PPC campaigns reporting straight in the back end of the websites and here is a screenshot of how the system looks. On a regular account you will have all the campaigns listed as you scroll down (not just the one that shows on the screenshot) including regular PPC and re-targeting campaigns. Dynamic PPC (next post) will also be included as a campaign with the additional “per unit” detail.   For more information about this integration contact: Nick Gorton General Manager Integrated PPC Questions? 206.484.2895 Call or text