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Ram PPC Campaign, nailed it!

image1 (1)This campaign resulted on a killer weekend for our Ram client. Don’t mind showing the client because this was done a month ago, we killed it, and we are already 5 plans ahead of this.

There were plenty of dealers doing PPC campaigns that week end but 2 of them had no monetary value proposition; their proposition was “Don’t waste time. See us first” and the other one “Fastest growing truck brand”. The 3rd campaign had a $5000 discount, and our campaign had a $8281 discount. Do you see why we got all the business that week end?

A few things on why this happens:

I’m going to make a strong guess that the 2 dealers with no value proposition are on a OEM campaign. These campaigns are like slow runners at a race; they are just making the fast runners look good. Participating medals at the finish line! The dealer with the $5000 discount was a lazy attempt to try. If your competitor can beat you by $3281 you are not in game (ok got it, you are holding gross).

Your campaigns must have a purpose (what will this campaign accomplish?) and they must be competitive (are we in the line of consideration?). Just showing in the results is not a strategy.

Even if your budget is small, make sure is targeted. We shortened the days before and upped everyone for that week end.

Have absurdly good landing pages. Have professional thought out graphics on those, the customer landing page must be perfect.

A multipage PPC strategy on a major term is an easy way to get the week end. We use it all the time and get rid of competitive websites all together.

What do you think the same were for those 4 dealers for that month?

I’ll post the answer in the comments later.

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