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Toyota Site Redesigns

Our newest Toyota site redesigns (see:¬†magictoyota.com)¬†are pretty close to the OEM, included with all the geo changes (ads have the state disclaimers, etc). We put inventory first and research pages second (OEM only has research pages) but made the research pages available via the SRP and the VDP. New to this site is also “thumb enabled” ads, and SRP/VDP images.…

Ram PPC Campaign, nailed it!

This campaign resulted on a killer weekend for our Ram client. Don’t mind showing the client because this was done a month ago, we killed it, and we are already 5 plans ahead of this. There were plenty of dealers doing PPC campaigns that week end but 2 of them had no monetary value proposition; their proposition was “Don’t waste…

AD VS landing page, a failed relationship

I was recently reading automotive articles on Flipboard https://flipboard.com (iPhone version) and clicked in an Amazon ad (the screenshot is of the actual ad), rather than continuing with a browser open request it offered to open the Amazon app. I clicked open and the App Store opened form a brief second, then phone automatically refreshed as if it knew that…

Long Tailed Searches out of market

The whole point of SEO is making it to the top of the search results. In the example we are searching for a “2014 Toyota Corolla Everett”. Something to note for this search is that this dealership is not in Everett and there is a different Toyota dealership in Everett. The results are obvious; the […]

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Dealer Content Marketing starting under $100 per month

Website content building: Plans include one time contracts and monthly contracts. I would suggest to any dealer to sign up for recurring monthly content. Most dealers do 10 pages per month.   Example pages: Page – 2014 BMW M4 Finance near Hammond Page – 2014 Hyundai Genesis for Sale near Lacey Page – Loans for […]

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