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Automotive Entrepreneur

MOZ 2017: SEM SEO and Alexa

image1Samantha and Oksana are finishing up at MOZ and they are already sending science fiction advances to us.

“Something interesting that we learned at MOZ is that with voice and chat bots (Alexa and Google Home) you have to rank #1 to get answers, whether that’s through SEO or PPC! If someone asks their chat bot “hey google, where can I get my toyota serviced” or “hey alexa, where can I buy a 2017 Ram” they will pull the #1 rank to answer that question” Samantha said.

While before you may chose not to always rank #1 on all your campaigns in order to preserve budget this new activity on voice action requests may force you to rethink your strategy. This is actually further infuriating for those dealers dealing with a name conquest campaign so a competitor will take the voice result even on very close matches.

I would love to hear some thoughts on the monetary impact this may have on how you set up your budget, specially important for dealers in major metro areas.
Yago de Artaza Páramo
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