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Common Car Dealer Marketing Errors

Common Car Dealer Marketing ErrorsThere are many different types of marketing errors out there that you can make and each one can cost you. These errors, unfortunately, are pretty common when it comes to car dealers. In today’s digitally connected world, it is important not to make these mistakes. These Common Car Dealer Marketing Errors is what can harm you overall.

Car Dealer Marketing Team

One of the biggest, and first, things you should make sure is that you have a dedicated marketing team at your dealership. Customers want responses as soon as possible which is why having a good team that can manage your websites, blogs, apps, social media, etc. is key. Placing all of these tasks in the hands of one person is difficult which can create untimely responses as well as not active social media. Smart phones are great tools as well so your marketing team can easily train your sales team on how to use their phones to help increase leads and better customer follow up.

Other Common Car Dealer Marketing Errors

Another big mistake that can easily be switched is not having a responsive website for mobile or tablet viewers. If you have yet to switch your site over to responsive, now is the time to do so. We at Dealer Lab can help you get the best responsive site. This is important as more and more people view sites directly from their phone or tablets and a responsive site can automatically detect what device is being used to make it more user friendly.

Besides to not having a responsive website, other mistakes you can make includes not making use of video advertising on the web or your social media platforms are not helpful or purposeful to your customers. Including video of first-hand details on how the car features work can be a difference maker when it comes to competition between another similar dealers. When it comes to social media, it can provide more than just featured sale and special offers. You can communicate with your customers by retweeting a post from them or responding to a question. This makes them feel important as they are being listened to.

Overall, these are the key Common Car Dealer Marketing Errors to avoid when you are trying to increase leads, sales, and more. We at Dealer Lab can help you turn your site into responsive as well as offer more tricks to better your dealership and increase sales.