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Video personalization

Automotive home page personalization systems:

We recently added a new code that will make the websites display individual vehicle videos in the home page based on previous consumer click path. All the websites used are DealerEProcess responsive (RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side components), therefore the system works on all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet).

Because we have certain limitations to the design; it is recommended to have a top menu and must have a banner area on the top as a design for OEM compliance in most cases, the personalized videos will show on the 3rd tier. Not the best place, I really would love them to be above the fold, but it is a start. Unlike other systems like Amazon where the SERP is based not only on browsing but also on account information, there is a limitation on product suggestion. There is also a limitation on product similarity suggestion, for example what vehicle is similar to a BMW M3 if you are not a BMW store and that is the only one you have. 

Our goal was to offer at least one area of the website, specially in the home page, where the system could offer a dynamic area that will be different to every returning customer.

You can see how it works at Gillespie Ford. Navigate to the inventory, click on several units, exit the website. Come back to the site and once you scroll down a little bit you will see videos preloading based on the vehicles that you searched. Note: This is a live site, so please respect the dealer and don’t send fake leads. 

Below are video view numbers from 6 websites (one of them didn’t have videos previously). All of them increased video views once the new personalization code was added.

responsive website videos

video views automotive

While the system is simple it did help increase VDP and video views.

The system is free in all our RESS websites (yes, there is someone out there still in an adaptive platform…) but you must have a video program that we can use to show the inventory in the home page.

Did this increased sales:

I don’t know how to make a correlation between a few hundred more inventory views and an increase in sales, but everything on digital media is problematic in that sense because the gains and very small in percentage for each improvement. Is the addition of all these at the end of a quarter that increases your views by thousands that can then be measured.


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