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Increase Engagement with Your VDP Pages

Increase Engagement with Your VDP PagesIf you didn’t know already, you can easily Increase Engagement with Your VDP Pages and it is fairly easy to do as long as you use the benefits of VDP. There are many additional things you can do to make them stand out as well as many things you can do to improve things you already have on your VDP pages.

Tips to Improve Your VDP Pages

If you have VDP pages, there are many things you can do to improve them and increase your engagement. The best thing you can include on your VDP pages is photos and even more photos. Never use stock photos if you can as you need beneficial real photos. The more photos you have, the better, however, too many can be daunting that is why you just need enough to give potential buyers a good look of the exterior as well as the interior. This is important as a picture showing the leather seats means a lot more than just saying “leather-appointed seat” in the description.

Another tip is always include CARFAX information especially on used vehicles. Potential buyers want to know if a little more work needs to be done and having a history report viewable helps the decision process. The same thing goes with the price of the vehicle. Always include the price as if they cannot see a price point, they may not come in thinking that the vehicle could be out of their budget. It is better to have it then saying “contact us for price”. Even though you know have tons of pictures, you need to at least list what is in the car as well including important and luxurious features.

Why Your VDP Pages are Important

Before looking through your VDP to see if you can Increase Engagement with Your VDP Pages, you need to know how important they are. Your VDP pages are as important, or maybe more so, than everything else on your website because it is the first big engagement you have with potential buyers. Since you are not there to make sure they have all the information, you need to make it easily accessible. Make sure you have all the information they need.

These tips on how to Increase Engagement with Your VDP Pages are very important to know. This is because engagement with VDP pages can lead to increase volume of sales when down right. We at Dealer Lab can offer our help to get you where you want to be and easily switch your site over to responsive so you can reach out to more potential customers. If you have any questions, please contact us at 877-622-2291.