Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Hyper-Zoom by Dealer eProcess

e8f1f50a-bcb0-4caf-8f15-4d26c6eddb68-originalJust launched our hyper-zoom tool at www.northwesthonda.com The tool relies on having large images (2Megs or more) loaded in the background so they offer deep detail when zoomed. In the top example customers are able to see damage in the vehicle (transparency) and in the bottom example they can zoom into features. You can see similar technologies used at Nike.com or Amazon.com Our system will adapt the photo size to the screen and its size to the device. Current clients must upgrade to our 3.0 responsive platform which has many other features like a rededeeigned VDP and SRP, SSL, etc (not currently present at northwesthonda.com). The upgrade is free of charge. For more information about hyper-zoom or 3.0 contact [email protected] For more information about photo sizes and systems contact [email protected]