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Upgrade to High Resolution Images

Are you still playing with CDK’s 640×480 images? No pixelation, we can actually take native resolution images and offer your customers your inventory as it was meant to be seen. We started in the 90’s with 1 image because that is what Autotrader Magazines took. The size was 640×480 because it was the default size in most digital cameras at…

Hyper-Zoom by Dealer eProcess

Just launched our hyper-zoom tool at www.northwesthonda.com The tool relies on having large images (2Megs or more) loaded in the background so they offer deep detail when zoomed. In the top example customers are able to see damage in the vehicle (transparency) and in the bottom example they can zoom into features. You can see similar technologies used at Nike.com…

Converting with Video

A couple weeks ago we posted about the use of video in the car sales world. Website providers everywhere are constantly trying to find ways to convert Browsing Customers into Buying Customers. Here at PGI we have stayed on the cutting edge of technology by building focused packages which pair the videos we take with powerful SEO and Distribution to give you a much higher chance of this conversion. Converting a Customer needs to be done quickly. Usually we only have a few seconds at best to draw a person in and make them want to stick around long enough to learn the value of what is being offered. Statistically speaking, the Online Publishers association tells us that 80% of internet users admit to having watched a video ad in the last 30 days. 46% of these visitors took some action after viewing the ad. 12% of these active visitors actually purchased the product featured in the ad. As you can see, making videos available and visible wherever your customers see inventory is crucial to taking advantage of the video … Continue reading