Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Driveitnow integration

Driveitnow integration:

We have integrated Driveitnow in our mobile platform both in the SRP and the VDP. With most sites hitting the mid and high 30's on mobile traffic we felt that this was a necessary integration.

Color matching integration:

We had a lot of dealers send unique colors from their DMS for new cars like 'artic bright white' where it was hard for the system to properly divide the colors and out them in a short table to the fast search menu blocks to the left of the SRP.

We fixed that by coding the regular name attached to the factory name for that table. All the available colors are listed in short form to the left menu but still available in the VDP with the long form manufacturer specific names.

Banner time stamp:

We fixed a bug where when a date was selected to delete a banner from the website the schedule didn't work properly. All ads now get deleted automatically when marked.