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Craigslist updates:

Craigslist updates:

It seems that CraigsList makes updates to their servers every six months or so and during that time postings are a nightmare.

They have finally release some of the new changes:

"As of today, Craigslist no longer allows IMG, FONT, TABLE, DIV, and SPAN HTML tags in listings. Any of your vehicle posts that still use these design features will likely be flagged immediately.

Image template style is once again no longer available."

You may still see a few ads coming in and out with some of these features as they trickle down their system but they will be fully disabled pretty soon. Last night and this morning the time stamps in their system were out of order (older ads showing before newer ads for example) leading us to think that some servers are being connected/disconnected to be updated.

We expect the updates to be over by mid next week.