Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Driving Sales & Digital Dealer

Driving Sales & Digital Dealer:

PGI's Schedule:

Yago will be there from Saturday afternoon until Thursday night. Nick Gorton arrives on Monday and Geoff Wilkins on Tuesday. The DealerEprocess team from Chicago will be there from Sunday.

You can find us at Digital Dealer at PGI booth #232 under the name DealerLab or at DealerEProcess booth #609.

We will have 2 evening gathering/parties on Tuesday and Wednesday as we rented one of the tower suites for those of you that want to enjoy a mellow evening and good business technology debates.

Find us at the booth os text us to get the suite number and the time, remember that we have to stay at the show until the booth area is closed.

Who to see at Digital Dealer:

Some dealers asked me who to go see at Digital Dealer. Below is a list of the people that I want to see myself (Guy Kawasaki for example) or people I have seen speaking before.

Guy Kawasaki http://ddce.me/GuyKawasaki

Dave Page (website performance)http://ddce.me/DavePage

Seth Barron: The digital ambush

Pierre Fiorini http://ddce.me/PierreFiorini

Jim Flint (SEO/SEM)http://ddce.me/JimFlint

Phil Sura (Video)http://ddce.me/PhilSura

Jeremy Anspach (Purecars)http://ddce.me/JeremyAnspach

Peter Martin (Email marketing)http://ddce.me/PeterMartin

Ed Parkinson (Chat)http://ddce.me/EdParkinson

Ryan Leslie (Review process)http://ddce.me/RyanLeslie

Grant Cardone http://ddce.me/GrantCardone

Kevin Frye http://ddce.me/KevinFrye

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo agenda
The Art of EnchantmentKeynotes■■■ Speaker: Guy Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki, Special Advisor to Motorola & Best-Selling AuthorRead moreSession infoGuy Kawasaki Watch videoTuesday 15 October, 4:00 PM to 5:20 PMLocation Grand Ballroom A, E & FGuy Kawasaki is a special advisor to the Motorola business unit of…