Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing Training for Dealers

Mark your calendars for these 2 special events on November 4-5-6.

This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best Digital Marketing teams (PCG) in the world.

We are happy to invite all our dealers to this special event and DealerLab is 100% sponsoring the first day.

Call today and reserve your spots 877-622-2291.

As part of our ongoing efforts to grow our dealer’s knowledge we have put together a class or event every quarter since 2011. On November 4-5-6 we have planned two very special events.

Preparing Your Dealership for 2015

On Tuesday, November 4th DealerLab is sponsoring Brian Pasch to spend one full day with our dealers and give an overview of his new book “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing”. This is a free event to our clients to better prepare for the year ahead. You must call us to reserve your spot, considering bring anyone involved in your digital strategy.

Also on November 4th, we will also have Dave Page from DealerLab talk about future digital technology; his class will be a forward look into what 2015 may bring to our industry and the latest new technology that is under development. I will speak about stealing low funnel leads thru targeted content and mega-menus, one of our latest code developments being integrated right now in our websites.

Digital Marketing Certification Courses

After our special day with Brian Pasch, Brian Pasch, Marc McGurren, Glenn Pasch, and the PCG team will conduct two Digital Marketing Certification Courses for dealers in the Seattle market. The courses are scheduled for Wednesday November 5th and Thursday November 6th. These two-day programs are designed to build the knowledge in your team to connect with the opportunities online to sell more cars. The certification program is based on Brian’s new book “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing” and his best selling “Selling Cars in the Digital Age.”

There are two classes based on the role of the attendee in the dealership:
• Two-day program for Dealer Principals and General Managers
• Two-day program General Sales Managers and Internet Sales Managers

For these Digital Marketing Certification Courses you will pay PCG Consulting directly. You can call Carrie Hemphill at 908-601-6475 to register via phone or you can register online by visiting this page: http://www.pcgconsultingservices.com/courses/. The website also lists the eight learning modules that are part of each program.