Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Dealer Lab – AMMP New Features

Website feature: Inventory rules

In the auto special rules, you can now choose a range for their days in stock.

You would simply use the “between” for that option.

Website features: Deeper analytics integration

You can now expand the list for referral sources, referral sites and search keywords.

In your dashboard go to the “Analytics” section and look at the “Google Analytics” tab. As you can see in the screenshot you can now expand the referral sites and key words.

Website feature: Tracking vehicles

You can now expand the list of top view vehicles to Top 50 viewed (opens up 5 at a time) and it shows the number of views now.

In your dashboard go to the “Analytics” section and look at the “Website stats” then look at the “Vehicle stats”. You can now expand the number of vehicles tracked.

We hope these features help you better understand how your websites and inventory perform.

Website feature: Mobile, tablet, desktop tracking.

I promised this feature a while ago as we consider essential for 2015 to be able to measure where our calls are coming from. In the near future we will further measure tracking from the SRP (search results pages) and VDP (vehicle display page) rather than just from the entire website so we can better understand how our calls to action work.

The system can now track calls individually from mobile, desktop, and tablets.

Review phone leads by source and category as well as total leads for each department (sales, service, finance,etc).

All you need to do is provide the phone numbers (or request more numbers from us if you use our tacking system) and we will set it up. Your cost will be only that of the extra numbers ($10-15/month for all the numbers) since the minutes are already included in your totals (we are just splitting the measurements).