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Tips to Improve Your Dealership Website

Your biggest tool when it comes to your dealership and getting people to stop in is your website. If your website is not user friendly, easily accessible, informative, and more, then your website could possible turn people away from your dealership. There are many Tips to Improve Your Dealership Website that you can take into account including some that will…

Is Your Dealership Website Mobile Friendly?

When it comes to your website for your dealership, there are many things you can look for to make it better. There is one thing you should ask, Is Your Dealership Website Mobile Friendly? This question is very important because there are many advantages you can get from having your website mobile friendly. It is important to know if your…

New Google AdWords integration

We have launched an new feature in the DealerLab AMMP reporting dashboard. You can now see your keyword level stats by following the steps below! This feature is already implemented and working for those of you with Google AdWords integrated with your DealerLab website. 1. Inside the marketing tab on your DealerLab dashboard, scroll down to one of your campaigns and click on the link that says “Click Here To View Adgroup Breakdown” 2. Once your ad groups load, there will be a keyword column. Click on the word ‘Keywords’ for the ad group you would like to see additional details for. A pop up window will show all of your keyword level stats for that ad group.  Remember that we don’t have to do your PPC in order for you to take advantage of this integration, we can integrate any company doing PPC for you.  This new integration offers a higher level of transparency and a much easier way for the dealers to be informed on where their money is being spent without having to access multiple systems to get the … Continue reading