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TO: Prime Response Dealers

FROM: Prime Response Product Team

DATE: November 8th, 2017


To our valued dealerships,

Today we received a notification from Yelp stating that reputation management systems are, “putting our clients’ online reputation at risk by soliciting reviews on their behalf”. Yelp views this solicitation for reviews as an “illicit tactic” and states that it violates their policies. While we disagree with their stance, we want to be transparent and deliver this message to our dealership community.

This recent policy statement and “shift in thinking” follow the recent exclusion of Yelp reviews from two major domestic OEM sponsored reputation management programs.

In an effort to protect you, our dealers, from any demotion in Yelp search results, we are recommending the following action.

The removal of Yelp from any service redirects and/or sales redirects that you may have set up today.

The removal of Yelp from any email asking for customer reviews.

Finally as a service to you, our valued dealers, we recommend to continue to track Yelp so that you can be aware of any review activity and keep whatever alert notifications you have already set up.

Below are some key links that were provided as part of Yelp’s email.




Yelp’s support number is: (877) 767-9357.


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