Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Website lead tracking

We made a great effort last month to get all our websites to integrate with our dealer’s phone, chat, and form systems.

The result is a back end system that gives you data like what you see here with deeper view on a daily basis on where your leads come from.

Phone systems integration:

You can now listed to your phone tracking system straight from the website’s back end (no need to log in another system to check calls).

PPC mobile tracking update:

We wrote a new new script that modifies an existing PPC tracking.

Anything that was showing up as just a “call button” was not swapping out to the call tracking number on mobile sites. Thus, not giving credit to the PPC call tracking number for the lead from mobile sites with “call buttons”. The updated script fills in that gap so both “call buttons” and text based phone numbers are swapped out properly on mobile sites.

This will allow dealers to better track their mobile PPC campaigns and to see the tracking in the website’s back end.