Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Virtual Credit Consultant is FREE

We launched the Virtual Credit Consultant last year in an effort to create a better online financing application for the dealers.

The VCC is now FREE for all DealerLab.com customers.

The VCC can be installed in:

The VCC doesn’t just work for special financing, the tool is just a credit application, the information around it in the page makes it look one way or another. That means that it is also useful for dealers not looking for special finance customers but just for customers to apply for credit via their website.

The VCC is also mobile adaptive, if your mobile traffic is right now 30% of your total traffic this represents a 30% increase on chances to get a credit application done for the dealership. We can add the VCC to both the mobile SRP and the mobile VDP as well as the banner on the mobile home page. It also works great in tablets.

You can access your current credit applications via the Dealerlab.com back end by going to Leads::Finance::Virtual Consultant. The system will display regular credit apps from the VCC, that way you can use them for different purposes, landing pages, etc and keep track of how they produce individually.

All the credit applications are also stored in the credit section of the website’s back end for quick and easy access.

If you are not getting enough credit applications this product will work for you and it is free for all DealerLab.com customers.

For more information or to install this product contact your DealerLab representative.