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Toyota PPC Budget Increase Yields Results

Toyota PPC budget increase yields results: when dealers ask about Google spend they don’t understand that there is a direct correlation between spend, traffic, and leads.

Toyota PPC Budget Increase Yields Results

These numbers are from a Toyota dealer. It went from $5000/month, to $8000/month, to this at $17,000/month in a quick 3 month growth.

Notice that traffic grew almost at the same percentage as leads. Time on site went down tremendously and I’m going to guess that we went from having just more “traditional” traffic on the site to a lot of paid traffic.

Not enough time yet to fine tune the campaigns, but I think ROI will get better in the next 90 days. Nothing extraordinarily amazing here. We did landing pages for the campaigns but the dealer didn’t give any sales other than the OEM offers (so we are in the consideration but not winning by offer, probably just location and reputation). A better than the OEM offer pushed on a Friday spikes weekend traffic.

A lot of money went into display (not our main ROI choice) because the association is doing the traditional PPC (so great deal for stablished dealers in good locations and terrible for up and coming dealers).

So next time you ask about spend, the question is: how far can you grow my spend but maintaining the ROI?


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