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Toyota PPC Budget Increase Yields Results

Toyota PPC budget increase yields results: when dealers ask about Google spend they don’t understand that there is a direct correlation between spend, traffic, and leads. These numbers are from a Toyota dealer. It went from $5000/month, to $8000/month, to this at $17,000/month in a quick 3 month growth. Notice that traffic grew almost at the same percentage as leads.…

Google AdWords Review Changes

With the start of the new year, Google released a bit of unexpected news: “As of January 15th, 2018, Google will no longer be supporting AdWords Review Extensions” Google discontinues review extensions: Review Extensions allowed us to share third-party rankings, awards, and positive reviews alongside your text ads like the image below. While they were known for having an often lengthy…

New Google AdWords integration

We have launched an new feature in the DealerLab AMMP reporting dashboard. You can now see your keyword level stats by following the steps below! This feature is already implemented and working for those of you with Google AdWords integrated with your DealerLab website. 1. Inside the marketing tab on your DealerLab dashboard, scroll down to one of your campaigns and click on the link that says “Click Here To View Adgroup Breakdown” 2. Once your ad groups load, there will be a keyword column. Click on the word ‘Keywords’ for the ad group you would like to see additional details for. A pop up window will show all of your keyword level stats for that ad group.  Remember that we don’t have to do your PPC in order for you to take advantage of this integration, we can integrate any company doing PPC for you.  This new integration offers a higher level of transparency and a much easier way for the dealers to be informed on where their money is being spent without having to access multiple systems to get the … Continue reading

The Pros & Cons of Bidding On Competitor Keywords

By its very nature, which is rooted in a bidding system for premium ad placement, PPC is very competitive form of marketing that breeds competition between brands. A PPC strategy that many business owners use is bidding on their competitor’s branded keywords. Bidding on your competitor’s branded keywords can open your business up to customers who you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. On the other hand, a shot across the bow at your competitor may cause your competitor to retaliate and bid on your branded terms – driving up the CPC for both terms. So before you decide to open the can of worms of bidding on your competition’s keywords, consider the pros and cons. Pros: In general, branded keywords are a great way to attract customers who are high in the sales funnel and still weighing their options between brands. These are customers who may not have known about your brand, otherwise. Bidding on your competition doesn’t cannibalize your organic search listing. Chances are that you probably rank pretty high in organic search listings for your own branded terms. By … Continue reading

PPC/SEM Investigation – 95% of Car Dealers Are Getting Cheated

Every month I try to bring value to our dealers by offering useful information that will help dealers stay on top of their internet strategies. Today’s topic is PPC (Pay Per Click)/SEM (Search Engine Marketing). With 2014 right around the corner and budget discussions starting, it’s time to get a better understanding of how your ad spend is being utilized and how to hold your vendor or in house marketers accountable! Did you know that 95% of car dealers today are getting cheated out of their ad spend? The biggest issue I see in the auto industry is companies taking advantage of car dealers because of the lack of knowledge car dealers have in this area. It reminds me of SEO (search engine optimization) companies 5 years ago preying on car dealers to spend money on something that could not be measured effectively. I have audited over 300 dealers and 95% of them have a failing grade when it comes to their digital marketing efforts. Thankfully today, PPC/SEM can be effectively measured and I’m going to show you exactly how … Continue reading