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Target & Rank for Two Keywords on a Single Page

Google’s Aaseesh Marina: ‘You Can Target & Rank for Two Keywords on a Single Page.’

The topic of optimizing for one keyword phrase over multiple is nothing new and it has serious implications on how many pages (content) you have to dissect and build for your site.

The question asked in the Google forums was: “I want to target 2 keywords on a single page. Is this a good idea or should I create two different pages to target both of the websites?”

Answer by Google’s Aaseesh Marina: “If the content on the page is relevant for both the keywords, then I don’t see an issue. Make sure the content is providing useful information to user queries around those keywords.”

For automotive websites I like the idea of combining similar vehicle types like corolla + camry, accord + civic, f-150 + f-250, colorado + silverado into one landing page so two SEM campaigns land into one page. I’m not looking to minimize work by combining pages but to increase the landing page usability by having two layers of selection and at the same time not losing any SEO potential (clicks, traffic, etc) by having to add a “no follow” tag to the page.

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