Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

New Phone Leads Tagging

The phone numbers associated with your website (tracking numbers) are now labeled in the lead :: phone area of the back end.

In the attached case we also added PPC (Pay Per Click) and Retargeting (ret) to this dealer’s internal report.

Our goal is to provide faster access to information on your daily digital performance. Remember that we can integrate 12 major phone systems with our back end and if you don’t have any we work with Marchex (Seattle based) which I think is $4 a number and $80/1000 minutes. It is well worth the money to have unique tracking numbers on the website by department even though all the numbers dial into the same front desk. It is our goal for 2015 to further divide the system call so we track mobile numbers independently from desk top numbers as we believe it is increasingly necessary to understand our mobile conversion rate independently.