Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

CRAIGSLIST-Selection tool & areas

Selective Posting Interface This new interface will allow the dealer to select which cars they want posted to Craigslist. It works for both new and used inventory. This will useful for budget conscious dealers that want to select a group of used cars but also for new car managers that want to advertise just a small group of new cars. I can think already about many scenarios where this will be useful to a new car manager: You can run a 20 truck campaign ($100 for a month) on F-250’s diesel if you have a heavy rebate on those and compete with dealers selling ‘current -1 -2 models’. I also see it very useful for VW running the $199 Jetta lease or Honda in the Civic.

Non Prepaid Areas We now have the ability to post to any area within the United States whether you can buy prepaid blocks or not.