Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

New Panda Update

Google announced a few days ago via Matt Cutts Twitter that they are rolling another Panda update.

This is significant because we tend to react to big events but not to small roll outs and Google (Panda updates started in 2011). In this article from last year you can see some time perspective and also a good video from Matt Cutts explaining what to do if you were affected by the changes.

How does Panda affect my dealership?

We believe that Panda will affect long tail searches right away and different dealers need to look at slightly different strategies depending on their situation.

Some easy to see gains are searches like this one 2014 toyota corolla everett.

For dealers like Tom Matson in Auburn where they have heavy PPC competition plus Google bringing “other” Auburn’s across the US into the SERP local content was very important (notice usually Auburn Dodge Indiana in the SERP).

Content strategies:

There is no one strategy better than other, there is a time line of strategies.

Focus on your area of business first so you show Google content and keywords for your location, then move out to other areas.

As an example on how strategies improve and change last month we launched the model line pages for our dealers doing content (other makes getting done right now).

This is a good article on strategy and optimization.