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The Difference between Responsive & Adaptive Websites

If you are looking into the difference between responsive and adaptive websites, there are tons of different things to look at. Each website offers advantages over the other depending on what you desire the most for your business. When you look at The Difference between Responsive & Adaptive Websites, you can see what each way offers. More people prefer the responsive websites as they can reach a wider range of people.


Responsive Websites

The basic definition to responsive website is that it is designed to fluidly change and respond to fit on any screen or device making it easier to view no matter what. The idea behind responsive sites is to allow the screen to shrink or grow depending on what screen size or device you are using. Responsive sites also work very well with Search Engine Optimization.

Most people can use their phones to get access to websites and if they are not responsive, they might not be mobile friendly. This makes it easy to navigate around the site no matter what device you are using. Sometimes it can get frustrating trying to look up something on your phone but the site does function well as it might not fit. This is what The Difference between Responsive & Adaptive Websites starts off with when it comes to responsive.

Difference between Responsive & Adaptive Websites

Adaptive web design uses a set of predefined layouts based on screen size including popular ones like CSS to help give a user experience tailored to the device. To make this happen, the developer will design several different versions of the webpage. All with different coding. This is done to optimize the page for plenty of different devices. The server can detect the device the user is on in order to give them the proper fit.

When it comes to adaptive design, it provides an optimized website experience no matter what device you may have or use to look at it. Quality is not sacrificed in order to make this happen. One of the biggest things about adaptive is that it allows for faster load time as well as it has a more efficient rendering.

All in all, knowing The Difference between Responsive & Adaptive Websites can help you decide which way will work best for you and your business. These two websites have many advantages so it all comes down to what will work best for your business. Dealer Lab can help you find the perfect way to get your website running and working the way you want it.