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Why Your Dealership Site Should Go With A Responsive Design

Why Your Dealership Site Should Go with a Responsive DesignThere are a couple different sites out there that offer different advantages however there is one type of site that offers one of the biggest advantages. This type of website is called responsive and there are many different reasons as to Why Your Dealership Site Should Go with a Responsive Design. The biggest is that, in today’s market, it can help you increase sales, leads, and customers.

What is a Responsive Site

Responsive sites are one the biggest and best thing you can do with your website. In today’s society, more and more people are using their phones and tablets to check emails, surf the net, read reviews, etc. That is where responsive sites come into play. They can automatic detect what kind of device the user is on when they go to your site which then allows the responsive site to load correctly and be more user friendly depending on the device.

How the site does this is go through many codes to detect what device you are on and then the site can load accordingly. This does, however, create slower load times but the difference is minimal and is worth it to not get a broken site. There are many reasons as to Why Your Dealership Site Should Go with a Responsive Design.

Advantages to a Responsive Design

There are many advantages you can get with a responsive site design. The biggest advantage is that your site can be easily read by anyone from anywhere no matter the device they be using. If your site was not mobile phone friendly for example, then your site will look broken and be tough to navigate around as they look at cars which is a big turn off to customers.

When people shop for vehicles they like a quick and easy process with all the information right in front of them. Plus, if you have an email campaign or a YouTube channel with links to your site, more often people might be on their phones when they click on those links so it is best that your site to mobile friendly.

There are many reasons as to why going responsive can help you but mostly it is the best way to make things easier for your customers who view your site from many devices which is Why Your Dealership Site Should Go with a Responsive Design. Here at Dealer Lab we can help you increase your VDP with tips, tricks, and software to help generate more views which lead to more sales. If you have any questions you can contact us at 877-622-2291. We are here to help you.