Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Carfax 1-Owner pages

Analytics show that 1-Owner vehicles are getting a lot more VDP views than any other group in the inventory (VS hybrids, VS trucks, etc).

We recently added a 1-Owner vehicle tab to Magic Toyota home page to help customers find those quicker.

We decided to build a landing page for the search instead of having a direct search (so one step longer) because the landing page is key worded to index in adjacent DMS. The 1-Owner search has so much traffic that we believe Google will index this pretty well. The page also gave us a chance to add a “disclaimer” with the fact the Carfax is the one providing the 1_owner data.

If you look at Magic Toyota you will notice that we also added a blue button with the Carfax logo at the bottom of the fold so customers will see the 1-Owner search top and bottom.

We encourage you to make this change and test the results.