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KIA Dealer campaign

What do you think about this KIA dealer campaign? To be fair, my location was Everett, which still 40 miles from the dealer. If you don’t understand your SEM reports and all you ask is for numbers this can happen to you. We sometimes do targeted campaigns with unique offers aiming outside DMA customers, but Jerry Smith Kia in Burlington…

Ram PPC Campaign, nailed it!

This campaign resulted on a killer weekend for our Ram client. Don’t mind showing the client because this was done a month ago, we killed it, and we are already 5 plans ahead of this. There were plenty of dealers doing PPC campaigns that week end but 2 of them had no monetary value proposition; their proposition was “Don’t waste…

How World Cup Search Results Is Related To Your Car Dealership

With the FIFA World Cup just starting a couple days ago, be prepared for World Cup mania to reach all ends of the world. As you read this your Facebook news feed is probably saturated with World Cup talk and your favorite sports bar is probably already packed with crazed soccer fanatics. Every 4 years […]

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Estimating Your Monthly PPC Budget

When deciding to invest in PPC marketing, one of the first questions that needs to be answered is, “How much should I spend?” Since most car dealers know that they need to get involved in PPC since nearly 90 percent of people us the internet when shopping for cars. However, most people don’t have a clue when it comes to deciding how much of their marketing budget should be allocated to PPC advertising. Here are some things that you should consider when determining your PPC ad budget. Your advertising target radius First, determine what areas you want your ads to target. Are you going to be advertising your product locally? regionally? nationally? Or globally? The wider you cast your advertising net the more traffic you’ll be bringing in and the larger your budget to be. Having a $5,000 dollar monthly budget may be adequate for a business with a 20-mile target radius around their business, but that same amount would be spread quite thin on a state or national level. In fact, that amount probably wouldn’t last before your first … Continue reading

Top Businesses For Mobile Search

In our fast paced life, users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to access information while on the go. This is especially true for local search. According to a recent survey finding 63 percent of people are now using multiple devices to find local business. Of that, 79 percent of them are mobile phones users and 81 percent are tablet owners. The study finds that these following businesses are the most popular in local searches on mobile devices: – According to the survey restaurants are searched 23 percent of the time. – The auto industry, including auto service shops and dealerships, account for 10 percent of local search. – Art and entertainment came in at 9 percent. If your business falls in the above mentioned categories, what can you do to appeal to mobile users and give them a quality on-the-go web experience? According to the survey, 65 percent of smartphone users said the driving force behind their mobile search was a “need for information on the go”. Mobile users don’t want to be overwhelmed with content. They want … Continue reading