Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

SEM Hyper-Locally and Inventory-Dependent

It is me, or, if you already pay CG for: 


this new service is doubling up for the same results set?


If there is a high relevancy search with a good ROI will I show directly, or will CG? If the answer is CG, then I don’t want this product because a direct customer is better than one that can see multiple inventories; if the answer is me directly, then why pay CG for their classified website?


The answer is that dealers should SEM hyper-locally and inventory-dependent. I’m talking inventory grouping campaigns dependent on units on the ground, not just dynamic campaigns. 


So while CG can rightfully do both, I still see a tremendous, almost counter-fiduciary, conflict here. On top of that, one company will know your front lead load and your 3rd party lead load. The company will even know, should you ever cancel, how to exactly outbid you in what terms to maximize their damage.


Truth is that I always thought CG won their place by a fantastic SEO strategy with content rather than SEM. At the time Google started cracking for spinner content CG came with a great strategy. Dealers should ask for their SEO knowledge not SEM.


Sign your business knowledge away, put your name here. CG.