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Google Says Good-Bye To Google Authorship

Contrary to initial thoughts, Google doesn’t always have the Midas touch. Over it’s entire history the mammoth tech giant has demonstrated that no product or feature is immune to the chopping block. Just ask Google Base, Google Squared or Google Buzz. Never heard of them? Exactly. Google is constantly testing and evaluating everything. That latest thing that Google is shutting down is Google Authorship. Google authorship allowed web content creators to link their content with their Google+ profile. After three years the Google Authorship experiment is coming to an end. A moment of silence, please……….

One of the reasons that Google Authorship fell short of expectations was a low adoption rate by authors and webmasters. Participation with Authorship was at best spotty. This was partly due to the fact that many non-tech-savvy site owners or authors found the markup and linking to be too complex. Another reason for the demise of Authorship was the low value it provided to searchers. Some experts in the industry saw very little difference in “click behavior” on search results containing Authorship snippets compared to those without.

The demise of Google Authorship is just another glaring example of the changing landscape of SEO. You can count on Content Motive to be on top of all things SEO. Find out now if this Google Authorship news has any affect on your website by contacting your Content Motive Representative.

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