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Google Adds Video Previews to the SERP on Mobile Devices

Google adds video previews to the SERP on mobile devices.

There are a few “rules” too many, if you ask me, that limits the reach of the change. The feature is browser controlled, so it can be disabled, meaning that so far this will work only in Chrome. A plus for Android devices but a choice for iPhones since Safari is the default browser. Google introduces this as an evolution of their recent snippet search results update.

That is a fast turn on updates for these guys. So pay attention to local searches for people using videos like Andrew’s (What’s Next Media) used on individual pages with the right contextual content. Dealer walk arounds may actually start to be more relevant in local searches.

While this has no relevance on inventory videos like those shorties we showed a month ago it accentuates the relevance of video on mobile devices, something Google heavily brought up last year at their NYC automotive conference.


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