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This Is How Campaigns Burn Budget without Results

This is how campaigns burn budget without results:


I googled “Dougs Cadillac” and a Ford dealer’s ad shows up?

I’m in Everett right now, 30+ miles (60+ minutes) from this Ford dealer. This was not a geo issue with Google. The campaign parameters and key words are just wrong. The keywords don’t match the PPC result.

Maybe this was a dynamic ad for a used Cadillac that the Ford dealer has? No, it is not. The links in the ad just go to the dealers inventory pages, not even custom landing pages with some sort of campaign purpose.

With also 4 other dealers in between my location and this dealer, even if this was a Ford search unless you have a much more compelling offer this would have failed anyway.

This is why click reports alone don’t matter, clicks are a good metric to understand when and how things happen in the campaigns but they cannot be the end result. Thought out campaigns with a purpose is what matters. What do you want to sell with this campaign, to whom, from how far are we pulling, how good is our offer vs the market, do we have the inventory selection to grab a high percentage of interest, etc.

How are you thinking your campaigns ?

This Is How Campaigns Burn Budget without Results