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Common Live Chat Mistakes on Auto Dealer Websites

Having live chat on your website is a great way to connect to your customers more. However, a poorly executed live chat can lead to many problems that can not only not be useful to your customers, but turn them away as well. There are many Common Live Chat Mistakes on Auto Dealer Websites you should look out for so…

Car Dealer Website Templates vs. Custom Web Design

Making a website is the biggest thing for your company so it is important that you do it right. There are multiple key features when it comes to building a great website including fast loading times, easy navigation, valuable content, SEO optimization, and most importantly, design. Though design is becoming more important it is also becoming more complicated. There are…

CraigsList Changing Postings

The change is finally here, today is the first day of CraigsList charging for postings in the automotive by dealer section. You have several choices for posting; Post one car at a time; build the template, add the car, pay the $5. For this you don’t need one of the new accounts with Craigslist, you can post with the old accounts. The only change is that at the end of the process you need to pay the $5 fee. PGI Auto offers a tool that will automate the ad creation and data pushing making the manual process as easy as possible. Our tool is $200/month and you can post as many cars as you want (still have to pay CL the $5 per car). Your second option is to have a posting account with CraigsList. For this you will need to set up a credit card with them, add your tax ID number, address, etc and buy a bulk group of ads (lets say 100 ads for $500). With this type of account we can semi-automate the process so for … Continue reading