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Match Sales Data to Your PPC Campaigns and Align Them

Match sales data to your PPC campaigns and align them. CAROi heatmap targeting is a good advance; you should read it just to know what tools are available so you can use them whether is now or in the future. CAROi heatmap targeting links the geofencing concept with your GAN account via your DMS data. This tool will allow you…

Review Your PPC Campaigns

“If you don’t review your PPC campaigns individually you are not improving the underperforming models.” If we run longer and better funded campaigns on the top models, dealer name + geo, OEM + geo, etc you will find every customer around you (customers that know you) that already intend to buy a vehicle from you. The result is great campaign…

2018 TOP Rated Automotive SEM Vendor at Driving Sales

2018 TOP Rated Automotive SEM Vendor at Driving Sales Great news! @drivingsales announced the 2018 Dealer Satisfaction Awards winners today. DealerEProcess will be awarded SEM DrivingSales Awards at the upcoming 2018 NADA Convention. I personally want to thank all of our clients, & the automotive community for the recognition and prestigious awards. Yago de Artaza Páramo [email protected]