Yago Paramo

Automotive Entrepreneur

Month: January 2014

CraigsList posting method analysis

Case Studies: In this study, I’m going to show information for dealers on the daily posting method and the monthly posting method. DAILY POSTING METHOD The daily method, is posting a set number of vehicles every single day. This can be any number, though I think at least 5 per day would be best at minimum. Best when paired with an initial upload so that the dealer’s inventory is immediately available and then augmented every day. PROS: – Inventory Up Every Day – Some inventory always at or near the top of the search – No drop-off (expiration) day for entire inventory. CONS: – It can be cost prohibitive – If not paired with initial upload, it can take a week or more to get a dealer’s entire inventory posted. MONTHLY POSTING METHOD The monthly method is setup so that all the cars post at the beginning of the month (or when the dealer signs up) and as new inventory arrives in the dealers feed, that inventory is posted to CL. PROS: – Easier to manage Cost. – Inventory up … Continue reading

Dyamic PPC

Introducing a brand new way to drive traffic directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages. This is the most advanced, integrated pay per click system on the market today. Dynamic, inventory specific, Google Ads are here! We have been working hard on a system that creates unique Google ads for the specific used cars that you have in stock. Here’s how it works. 1) Someone searches for a car in Google 2) If the search is a match for the Year, Make, Model car you have in stock an ad matching their search is shown 3) The searcher clicks on the ad and goes directly to the VDP The reporting data comes directly from your Google Adwords account. You have full transparency into cost per click, total spend per car, even conversions from your PPC ads. This is the most targeted, cost effective, transparent way to get your cars in front of searchers. The best part is that all of the data is in your existing DealerLab.com dashboard. One log-in to see every click, conversion and dollar spent. To Your Success, … Continue reading