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BZ Results Websites – remember them?

Remember those BZ Results websites (they were acquired by ADP in 2006)? If you don’t I’ll tell you: Those looked good. Mainly flash based, they appealed to the most dangerous word in the automotive industry: “I like that” (rather than “the data shows we should use this one instead”). Those guys made money. They are long gone but flash survived…

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction”

Something that sounds so negative is actually one of the best Social Media marketing advices for the auto industry. The most expensive part of the SM campaign is the ad, the graphics, the campaigns can actually be done once and reused (settings wise) with minor modding from one to the next. The inexpensive campaign uses the same ad for the…

What Dealerships Need To Know About Marketing To Millenials

Millenials, those born after 1982, are often described as tech-savvy, educated, self-involved, socially connected (a product of coming to age during the social networking era), and impatient. At 80 million strong they make up the largest generation in U.S. History since the Baby Boomers. According to industry experts they carry as much as $170 billions annually in spending power. Car dealerships and automotive brands that can develop brand loyalty early are well positioned to reap a hefty portion of the millenial’s spending pie. Selling a car to millenials is a lot different than selling to their parents. Here are two things that car dealerships can do to market to millenials.   Get On Social Media For many millenials, their social network is the center of their lives. It’s the driving force that keeps them updated with their peers and the world around them. In fact, some millenials don’t make a move without consulting their social network. It’s important for car dealerships to develop a social presence. This means crafting social media content that is shareable and using social media as … Continue reading

New Facebook Updates Looks to Curb News Feed Spam

In the age of social networking Facebook has become a large part of any online marketing campaign, alongside SEO and PPC. Just as how Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm to alter best practices and penalize SEO tactics that moved from an acceptable tactic to a spammy tactic (i.e. keyword stuffing); Facebook is following suit with changes of their own that will affect how many businesses use social networking to meet their marketing goals. It’s a common practice for businesses to ask for likes, shares, and comments to promote their product or business. This practice has been going on since business started using their Facebook pages as a marketing tool. Under Facebook’s new guidelines, the social networking giant is cracking down on these calls to action, referring to this practice as “like-baiting”. If a business or website continues to follow the practice of “like-baiting”, it will be much less likely that their posts will show in a users news feed. Another tactic Facebook is looking to squash is recirculated content. It’s not uncommon for businesses to re-post the … Continue reading